Here’s How to Have Better Covid-19 Care at Your Home


With the on-going pandemic making stepping out of one’s house difficult, it has become a prerequisite for everyone to look for ways through which they can avail essential services at home. It includes availing necessary Covid-19 healthcare at home to minimise the chances of getting infected or contributing to a further spread.

Various healthcare apps have thus integrated Covid-19 care facilities to encourage this and assist. Through such features, users can avail the much-needed services for not only Covid testing but also the essential follow-up.

Below given is a look at how healthcare apps like HealthRx are providing the facilities through which individuals can avail better healthcare at home for Covid-19.

How to avail Covid-19 care through the app?

The HealthRx app offers diverse functionalities. Typically, it has added a dedicated Covid kit through which individuals can access various services regarding coronavirus symptom identification and subsequent testing.

Following are a few services that users can avail through the app as a part of Covid-19 healthcare at home – 

  1. Checking Covid symptoms

The first step to identifying if an individual is infected with the virus is to zero in on any symptoms that he/she displays. The app, through its virtual assistant, helps users and their families to learn if they are at the risk of infection by helping them to identify the symptoms that they might have developed.

According to WHO, some of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 include dry cough, fever, body ache, tiredness, etc. If you find yourself developing any such symptoms, you can utilise the app to check your risk of exposure in less than 2 minutes through its AI assistant.

  1. Locating nearby testing labs

Individuals displaying the symptoms of infection should immediately consult a medical professional and arrange to get tested for the disease. In this regard, the app helps users to track down the testing labs nearest to their location. To do so, one needs to visit the option marked ‘View Covid labs near you’ on the app’s homepage. From there, individuals can access a satellite map of India that helps locate the nearest lab in their vicinity.

Here, users should note that the app offers a complete list of the government and private testing centres, as well as sample collection sites.

  1. Booking a Covid-19 lab test

To book a test through this app, individuals need to choose their location and the testing centre. They will then be directed to fulfil certain formalities, and their testing will be scheduled.

Nonetheless, one should note that the Covid test booking facilities through this app are available in select cities. Thus, one should check the list of cities before proceeding.

  1. Test knowledge about disease prevention

To minimise the chances of infection, it is imperative to know the safety measures and precautions that one should undertake beforehand. The Bajaj Finserv HealthRx app helps users test their Covid-19 related knowledge through a fun quiz. By taking this quiz, individuals can gauge how much they know about the virus and the prevention of its spread.

These are the four ways through which this app propagates Covid-19 healthcare at home. Given the spike in the number of cases, this particular app function allows users to minimise their need to venture out and fulfil Covid-related necessities. 

Other benefits of the healthcare app - 

Apart from these benefits mentioned above, if you develop Covid-related symptoms and need to seek professional advice regarding the same, you can also utilise this app to meet your requirements. In this regard, the app can help you to –

  • Track down the nearest doctor in your vicinity, best suited for the purpose.

  • Help you make appointments with said doctor or clinic, and avoid long waits in queues.

  • Proffer telemedicine benefits through which you can seek online consultation and eliminate the necessity of stepping out of your house.

These benefits of healthcare at home are available for all other illnesses as well.

Nonetheless, if the high consultation or treatment costs deter you from availing them, you can conveniently opt for a health card and make bearing such expenses easier.

Such cards like the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card are extremely beneficial financial tools that allow individuals to convert their medical bills into No-Cost EMIs, to be paid over a flexible period of 24 months. The benefits of this card are available on more than 800 medical services, availed from over 5,500 partner facilities in 1,000+ Indian cities. The nominal, one-time fee of Rs.707 that you are required to pay to avail the health card only makes it conveniently available.


Individuals can, thus, utilise this health card to make availing healthcare more affordable, while the app makes them more accessible. With these benefits proffered by the app and health EMI network card, individuals can seek Covid-19 healthcare at home affordably without any hassle, among other treatments and consultations.

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