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Here’s how you can DIY your own outdoor cushions!

Outdoor furniture and outdoor seating arrangements have evolved over the years. From simple, basic chairs around a table, there’s now the popular trend of having a laid back, chilling outdoor space in every home. Outdoor furniture industries have grown and changed quite a bit, becoming much more creative with their designs, materials etc. The sun’s strong harsh heat, downpours and the occasional food stains and spills aren’t a big a problem now as they used to be for outdoor patio furniture.

Starting from daybed cushions to large squishy bean bags to soft fluffy outdoor cushions, patio furniture is becoming cooler by the day. You simply need to call over your gang, and chill out on the patio, laughing and talking with each other as you feast on delicious snacks, with the cool evening breeze in your hair or a sky filled with stars above you. You could definitely stock up on soft outdoor cushions in vibrant colours and patterns and use them on your patio chairs, chaise lounges, outdoor sofas, benches, etc. If you want to adorn your patio with unique custom cushions, Resort Style Bean Bags are the ones you need to contact. They will supply you with top quality customized cushions and their covers according to the fabric, size, and dimensions that you need at the best prices.

Steps to follow in order to make your own outdoor cushions

We all want to have a cosy outdoor space in our homes, where we can relax and soak up the winter sun or some good summertime vibes. To adorn your well-made wooden bench seating and make it more comfortable to sit on, you can add some thick, fluffy outdoor cushion covers as per your choice. And the best way to add that unique, laid back vibe to your patio is to make your own outdoor cushions. Let’s show you how:

  • Supplies: All the things that you would need to make your own outdoor cushions are canvas twill or any other outdoor fabric, cushion filling, a sewing machine, zipper according to the width of the cushions you intend to make, sewing pins, and a pair of scissors.
  • Measurements: First and foremost, you need to measure the width and depth of your outdoor seats which will determine how big your cushions need to be. Also, the height of the cushion filling you have purchased will determine the height of the cushions.
  • Cutting the fabric: So, when you sit down to cut the fabric, take the width, and depth measurements and add 1 inch to both which will allow you to keep half an inch seam allowance all around. This calculation is for the top and bottom sides of the cushion. For the sides, add the original measurements of all the four sides and add 1 inch to that number for the seam allowance. The height of the cushion will be the height of the filling plus 1 inch for the seam allowance.
  • Sewing: Use sewing pins to add V-shaped notches around the seams of the fabric to make the corners easier to sew. Then take the help of your sewing machine to sew all the way around the edges with a half an inch seam allowance. Pin the bottom and side panels together and make notches on each corner. Make sure to insert a zipper at one of the ends of the bottom panel, before you sew all the way around it. The zipper should be installed at half an inch from the edge and will be through which the cushion filler will be inserted.
  • Cushion insert: Use a ruler and marker to calculate the width and depth of your filling and cut it according to the dimensions of the cushion. It’s recommended to keep your filler at least an inch more than the actual dimensions of the cushion cover. This way the filler will fit in snugly into the cover and make your cushion look fuller. Insert it into the cover through the zipper and you are done.

Once you successfully complete these steps, voila, you will have your own DIY-ed outdoor cushion all ready. You could also use a waterproof spray to make the cushions waterproof and you are done. They make your outdoor benches look much more complete and million times comfier. Add in a few planters or décor accents and your space is good to go.

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