Monday, September 25, 2023
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Here’s Why You Should Incorporate Video into Your Mobile App Development Strategy

With millions of apps available on Play store and App store, getting users to download your app is no easy feat. On top of that, keeping them engaged once they download your app is far more challenging. One thing you can incorporate into your mobile app to enhance engagement and user experience is video. No matter what features your app offer, you should seriously consider adding a video component.

Today users are more tech-savvy than ever before, they are increasingly demanding better experiences in mobile applications. They want easy, engaged and frictionless experiences. A video is an amazing feature that you can use to transform your app into an intuitive tool. In fact, a video has now become an indispensable part of creating a highly-engaging mobile app. Whether it’s subtle animation or live action, adding a video element can set your brand apart from the competition.

Here are some reasons why adding a video to your mobile app can do wonders.

Explain How to Use Your App

Humans prefer to watch a video rather than reading the text. Adding video within your app is a great idea to explain how to use the awesome features of your app. It can serve as an advertisement about your app that tells users what your app does. Adding an explainer video to your app can increase user satisfaction and engagement. Providing a step-by-step guide not only helps users how to use your app but also convinces them to use your app to solve their problems.

Take Zappos as an example. A shoe company takes its mobile app to a whole new level by incorporating an explainer video that categorizes their shoes according to features, style, and fit. By adding some shoe styles in the video, the brand significantly increased the conversion rate.

Increase Engagement and Retention

Nearly 55% of internet users view video content, adding it to your mobile app can catch the attention of a larger user base. It can explain the features of your mobile application more quickly than text. Since you only have a few seconds to catch the attention of the people you are targeting, implementing a video can better serve the purpose. It is one of the best user engagement and retention strategies for mobile apps that solve users’ pain points that are difficult to explain.

Lux smartly implemented an autoplay demonstration video in their app that beautifully display their products in action. Lux includes video feature as part of product scrolling making it more engaging for consumers.

Promote Your App

Keep in mind that a short, engaging video will get users excited about your app compared to a boring screenshot. Videos can not only beautifully explain the benefits of using your app and the unique feature it possesses, but it will also promote your app. As these videos can be displayed in App and Play store that will eventually help you promote your app.

Reach Your Target Audience Effectively

Since a video is the most effective medium to reach a wider audience, integrating it into your mobile can enhance the functionality of your app. You can embed videos as actual content within your app to intelligently enhance the different aspects of your app. Make sure you embed video in a way that it looks natural and makes sense to users. Adding overly promotional videos to your app will only take a few seconds to make users abandon your app. So, make video an intuitive part of the app process and match the overall app design and quality. Incorporate video into your app in a way as it flows and feels like a crucial part of the user experience.

Home Depot is brilliantly using mobile app video to stay ahead of the curve. Adding this feature helps users to learn about their products in detail before making a purchase decision. The video is strategically placed right there along with products, defining the specifications, and features of the products, as well as explaining how to use products. The app is amazingly improving the user experience by leveraging the power of video.

Thinking about getting video into your mobile app?

Implementing video in your mobile app is indisputably an amazing idea. Though it sounds a daunting task, hiring a professional mobile app development company in Dubai can help you achieve the goal. Create a plan and figure out how you are going to add video to your app. A team of professional mobile app developers will help you come up with a highly-functional app and a stellar video that perfectly communicates the features of your app.

Final Words

Mobile apps that meet customers’ expectations and deliver what they promise will definitely get huge success. Whether you hire a professional agency or do it yourself, make sure to add video to your mobile development strategy before creating your next app.

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