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Here's Why Your Cat Keeps Getting the Zoomies

Here's Why Your Cat Keeps Getting the Zoomies

What are the zoomies you ask? The zoomies are those moments when your cat feels hyper-energetic and you find them constantly running up and down the stairs, or you find them wandering around your house. Almost all types of pets can get the zoomies, but in this guide, we are going to be breaking down and answering the age-old question of why do cats get the zoomies.


There are countless reasons as to why and how our cats keep getting the zoomies, and you will have to observe each one if you want to properly identify why your cat is getting them. Let’s identify the top 3 reasons and try to break them down from there first.


Here are the top 3 reasons why your cat could be getting the zoomies.

Sleep pattern

Your cat’s sleeping pattern can be a major contributor to why they have zoomies. Cats are known to be nocturnal and unless trained to do otherwise, have the most energy in the night. If they are getting too much rest in the day, or lack rest in any way, shape, or form, the likelihood of them getting zoomies in the middle of the night and running around full speed in the house with a high risk of them bumping into your belongings because of the lack of visibility.  As much as possible, and as soon as you get the cat, you want to condition him or her to a fixed sleep schedule that entails enough hours of sleep at the most convenient time for you. It is recommended that you sleep at the same time as them so that you will not have to monitor their activity too much and at the same time, it allows you to bond with your pet.


The diet that your cats are subjected to may be the reason behind their zoomies. Food that may be high in glucose or a diet that may involve human food, may be causing your cat’s sugar levels to go all over the place. Make sure to pair the right cat food with your cat and provide the appropriate amount of nutrients with every meal.


Make sure that whenever you are purchasing food for your cat, you take a look at the nutritional facts of the food you are giving your pet. If the good constraints too much sugar or too many chemicals, this may be affecting how your cat behaves throughout the day.


Check the environment that you are allowing the cat to move around in, and if it restricts them too much, it tends to make them build up their energy throughout the day and will most likely end with zoomies at the end of the day. Make sure to give them enough space to move around within the day so they can tire themselves out properly. Keep your cats entertained and give them time to play around and the opportunity to run out of energy so that they can rest at the appropriate times.


In conclusion, when you are dealing with a cat with the tendency to get zoomies at the oddest hours of the day or night, make sure to check all three of these reasons to identify why they may be displaying behaviors like restlessness, overly energetic, and a lack of focus. If need be, or if the zoomies intensify and could be putting your cat at risk is also recommended to see your closest veterinarian have them checked because they may be in a state of panic for good reason.

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