Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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HomeBusinessHikvision released the 8mp ColorVU gen2 bullet.

Hikvision released the 8mp ColorVU gen2 bullet.

Here at Protec Security and electrical we’re always chasing the latest technology to help our Perth customers secure their residential and commercial properties. Until now the most popular high end camera has been the ColorVU 4mp IP camera with full colour at night time. This camera has a new model released in the form of the 8mp bullet camera.

What does this mean for the end user? The ColorVU 8mp bullet camera offers twice the resolution of the 4mp version with recording capabilities of UHD 4k meaning you have a crystal clear day and night time image when you need it most. This is of course backed by the outstanding build quality that comes from any Hikvision product.

The new model is currently only available in a bullet whereas the 4mp version is available in the more popular turret style. Being bullet camera these are not as easy to finely adjust the direction of the camera as they need to be loosened and tightened for each adjustment where the turret style is much easier for fine adjustment - this is all done by your licenced Perth security installer anyway so no stress to the end user.

The new ColorVU 8mp camera also has a second model variation with the large bullet with 60m LED illumination. This LED is super bright for large commercial or residential distances. This camera shares the same gen2 human and vehicle AI detection meaning you can get the notifications you need and know they’re reliable sent straight to your iPhone or Android mobile device.

Once again we have tested these model variations to ensure functionality and reliability against the original ColorVU 4mp and also HiLook series 2mp and 6mp IP cameras. The night time image as usual is outstanding are far out performs direct competitors such as the Dahua TIOC camera. Hikvision ColorVU with AI acusense technology can successfully filter 90% of potential false alarms on average.


Hikvisons cutting edge Acusense tech means when you’re accessing playback menu’s on your recorder, you’re able to now select human or vehicle and get markers on your recording timeline to find events relating to humans and/or vehicles. Using this easy feature you can save wasted time of forever scrolling looking of a day’s event and instated find each and every indication of a person at your property. This can be paired with intrusion detection or line crossing detection to have a notification sent directly to your mobile smart phone only when a human is present. This is great to set as a boundary on your property, paired with a schedule set for after hours for example, human detection enabled with a 5 second time threshold. Adding in all these factors will mean when you get a notification on your mobile, you know it will be a person or vehicle instead of leaves, rain, cats or dogs.

Comparisons between the Dahua TIOC camera and the Hikvision ColorVU camera are frequent as many often put them in the same category. The Dahua TIOC camera does have colour at night however only due to the LED illuminator whereas the ColorVU camera offers full colour at night regardless of the night time illumination. If comparisons are to be made between these two CCTV cameras, a better suit would be the HIkvision Acusense camera with active deterrent lights and audio. The Acusense series offers phone application armind similar to an alarm system however the night time image is still black and white relying on an IR reflector for a monochrome image.

We’re always happy to discuss the pros and cons of each camera model, their best applications, NVR options and endless other questions here at Protec Security and Electrical. If you’re researching your CCTV system then ensure you get knowledgeable installers with real world testing of your chosen system.

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