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Hip bridge exercise and its underlying benefits that you can leverage

Have you recently seen many girls doing hip bridges while wearing a resistance band and wondering which muscle group they are training so religiously?

One arrow, three targets!

That’s the prime benefit of the performing the hip bridges that you can leverage in the long run.  Broadly speaking, this exercise helps you activates, define, and reinforces yourabdominal, lower back, and hips muscles.

This exercise is undoubtedly very popular among fitness freaks, as well as, fitness instructor who hold personal training certification.

There is no denying the fact that this exercise is one of the most effective full-body workout for which you don’t require weights, barbell or any sort of gym machine.

For this you just need yoga mat and resistance band or medicine ball.

Whether you are a young or old, orcan perform those tough yoga poses– you can definitely perform the hip bridge workout to define your lower body.

Let’s have a look at some of the key benefits of performing hip bridges. To read them all, just scrolldown!

Helps you in getting rid of the lower back pain

Are you someone who has been suffering from severe lower back pain since long? If yes, then you will be glad to know that performing hip bridge exercise regularly while maintaining the right form can definitely help you in getting rid of the lower back pain.

Another benefit of the performing this exercising is that you won’t be putting any pressure on your lower back, which at times is the reason behind acute pain in this area of the body.

Improves your athletic capability

If you are someone who loves to play tennis, badminton or golf, then doing hip bridges regularly will improve your glutes muscles flexibility.

Broadly speaking, you should try to strengthen your glutes muscles which further help you in making your pelvic floor muscles strong, as per the fitness instructor who holds personal training certification.

So, do include hip bridges in your workout regimen without a miss to improve your athletic capability.

Reduces knee pain to a great extent

Most of the people complain about severe knee pain so you can avoid exercises that are creating problem for you.One of the main causes for the underlying knee pain is absence of mechanism of the femur and the upper leg bone.

If you are working and do spend a lot of time sitting on a chair for a longer duration. Above all, don’t get enough time to do physical activity throughout the week.

There are high chances you will have glutes flexor immobility which in turn create knee pain when you perform compound exercises like squats, jump squats, and lunges.

Improves your sprints and jumps:

Hip bridges are also advantageous in assistingimprove your sprinting and jumps simply by making the hip and leg muscles stronger.

As per a qualified fitness instructor who holds personal training certification, you should make your legs stronger by focussing on each muscle groups including quads, hamstring, and calves.

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