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History of Digital Marketing in India

If you want to take a look into the history of digital marketing in India, then you should probably go back to 1996 where it all started. 1996 was the year when internet services were launched and started to conquer the world slowly.

Now let's talk about the first timeline which plays a crucial role which began in 1996, ended in 2005 and the second timeline which is counted from 2008 to today's time.


It would be unfair if we do not mention the founder of digital marketing. Although it is quite blurry regarding who came up with the concept in India first. But considering the whole world, Philip Kotler, an American, was the first person who came up with the idea of digital marketing, especially online stores.


As we spoke of earlier, digital marketing started in India in 1996. Although it started in 1996, the growth did not come instantly. The real growth was scrutinized in the year 2008 when internet services already started to catch the attention of a huge crowd. At that point in time, people went crazy behind Google. Back in 2000, there were a handful of people and companies who invested time and showed their interest in SEO.


The initial social media site was initiated in 1997. The year 1998 was the shining year for digital marketing because Google started to embark on its journey this year. Further, this year also witnessed Microsoft which launched MSN, and on top of that, Yahoo launched Yahoo web search too.


In 1996, India Mart was launched, which was the first company to launch e-commerce in India. Even though in today's time, it's ruling all over India. Moving forward to 2007, Flipkart got recognition. Gradually, everything fell into place with the evolution of some company or the other. 


Now let's not waste much time and take a look at some real-life examples-

  • Our Indian E-Commerce industry is growing with good percentage and it is quite expected that within the upcoming years it will expand dramatically 

  • India is considered to evolve as one of the fastest-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific region

  • On top of that, a large percentage of our population has started to rely on broadband internet. Additionally, their reliance on 4G and even 5G has heightened more

  • If we analyse the position of digital marketing in today's time then we can find out that digital marketing has consumed a huge crowd

  • India has witnessed the growth of businesses for a long time. The digital marketing industry is no exception at all. We have witnessed that digital marketing is still growing at a rate of 30% annually

  • Much to our surprise, some of the reports have revealed that over 500 million internet users in India are relying on digital marketing for expanding their business and territory


This article is great to use if you are planning to do some digital marketing. Gradually, everything fell into place with the evolution of some company or the other. if you're interested to learn Digital Marketing you can join our Digital Marketing Training in Pune. Congratulations if you have scrolled down till here.

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