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History of Swimming Pools

The ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to build swimming pools for marine competitions and military exercises. Guy Maecenas was a Roman emperor and was one of the first customers of the swimming pools. In the mid-19th century, pools became popular in Britain. In London, England, there were six swimming pools with diving boards in 1837. The Maidstone Swimming Club in Maidstone is considered the UK's oldest swimming pool club. The club had a boat rafting and swimming diving tournament and water polo tournament on the river Medway.

In the early twentieth century a new interest in swimming pools surged.The swimming pool became popular after the 1920s and Great Depression. This shaped the summer fashion. Swimming became a social event, and swimwear was trendy.

After the Second World War, family pools were popular in the United States and became the trademark of Esther Williams's Hollywood movie "The Millions of Mermaid".

Why Own a Swimming Pool?

If you are a Virginia homeowner, there is no better time to find custom pools in VirginiaA swimming pool creates an ideal environment for homeowners, their families and friends to relax and play sports. If you live in Virginia, why not get a pool of your own?

For some homeowners, having their own pool is a dream come true. You can rest in a lounge chair through the summer, and take a dip whenever you like.

Construction and Maintenance

What are you envisioning when you think of your new pool? Do you imagine a square or rectangular design, or a custom made one? Find a contracting team that is committed to the highest quality pool construction. Depending on your vision and their capabilities, you can create a pool that matches your property and budget.

The swimming pool provides a great opportunity for recreation and relaxation with family members on weekends and holidays.

The swimming pool in the backyard of the house is a luxury. It is a multipurpose facility, for you as homeowners, as well as your family, and friends. Your own private pool offers relaxation, exercise, and the opportunity to host neighborhood events poolside.

When you have a swimming pool, you are responsible for maintaining it properly. Neglecting to maintain your pool will result in polluted conditions and potentially can lead to many health problems. It is therefore essential that the pool is always clean and in good condition.

Taking safety precautions is important as well, in order to reduce risk of drowning or related injuries. As long as you stay safe and keep the pool clean, your new swimming pool will be a great place for you and your family.

Along with the high cost of maintenance, the pool may increase the coverage of the insurance coverage, so be careful when budgeting for a pool. Remember that there are inexpensive options.

Other Options

Building a new pool as well as the surrounding fence will require you to choose the right contractors for the job. Most US pool contractors are required to build a pool in the backyard using rebar, spray guns, glass fiber, chlorine and energy filtration. In recent years, however, some builders and homeowners have learned how to build a pool without relying on large quantities of manufacturing materials or chemical additives. You also do not have to drain out every fall. Natural pools have become popular in Europe. It’s important to consider how you can make your pool more environmentally friendly. You can likely find gentler replacements for certain chemicals, or even construct a pool with an eco-friendly design.

Some people like to garden around their pool to make it appealing, or set up a tennis or volleyball court in the backyard by the pool. Some families with kids even set up a waterslide.  If you have kids, be sure to take extra precautions around the pool, and start teaching them to swim from an early age.

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