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Home Appliance Repair: How to Repair a Refrigerator Door

A refrigerator is one of the kitchen's many frequently used appliances. From pulling its door to banging it shut, often it faces the brunt of your anger. But it is the workhorse of your house, consistently keeping your food cool and fresh regardless of your angered bangs.

It is possible to live without a cooling or heating system but not without a refrigerator, for it saves you from the hurdle of cooking every day. The importance of food preservation becomes apparent on a busy day when you can't get a break from work. 

The gasket of your refrigerator that keeps its door shut allows it to work in its best condition. If the seal loosens up, the door won't go back and stick in its position. The spacing results in the loss of cooling, and the refrigerator stops working with its full potential. 

When the fridge door seal does not work correctly, it is time to repair it. Most refrigerator door repairs are simple and easy to handle. Others need professional help and may take some time before your fridge is usable again. The best way is to check the intensity of the problem before deciding on calling outside help.

There can be many issues with your refrigerator door, so we intend to solve the problem by listing the top ways to repair the refrigerator door. 

Maintenance of the gasket

Often, the refrigerator door does not close because the gasket is not clean or it isn't very accurate. It is pretty easy to find a new gasket in the market. However, if the gasket is not clean, is worn out, or won't seal the door properly, you can repair it quickly instead of replacing it. 

Ideally, the gasket needs proper cleaning to remain softs and perfectly aligned to maintain the appropriate seal. The seal creates suction and pulls the stationary side of the refrigerator towards the door, hence maintaining the proper lock. 

If the gasket is dirty and greasy, scrub it with a mixture of warm water and soap. After cleaning, check the seal if it is working correctly. 

Sometimes overuse can make the gasket hard and stiff, affecting its sealing ability. A simple remedy of applying the petroleum jelly over the rubber gasket can soften, allowing better grip. If it is permanently damaged or remains hard after applying the Vaseline, you might need to replace it altogether.  

Repair the detached gasket

Frequent pulls can cause the gasket to get twisted or detach from the door. The detached gasket cannot create the proper seal, and the door won't stay in place. 

You can reconnect the seal at home without the assistance of a professional. The majority of gaskets adhere to the refrigerator via adhesive, gasket cement, or tape. The model and the manufacturing business decide the exact fit. Unfurl the old gasket and attach it to the refrigerator to make it functioning again. 

Replace the gasket

After trying everything you could to restore the old gasket, it is time to replace the old rubber seal with a new one if nothing works. The method of changing the gasket comes with the instruction manual. By following the instructions, you can do it at home. 

Pull out the old gasket and fit the new one around the door of the refrigerator. Make sure to clean the gasket column before attaching the new one for proper adhesion. 

Adjust the alignment of the door

Often the reason for an improper seal of the refrigerator door is the wrong alignment of the door with the fridge. It happens for two reasons: Either the fridge is standing on uneven ground or the feet are not balanced. 

This way, the door does not connect with the body of the fridge and hangs unevenly.  In this case, ensure that the feet of your fridge are balanced. When the foot and the floor are at the right level, the door attaches to the fridge perfectly. 

 Look for any blockages 

Often the door does not close because something is blocking its way. The fridge doors come with a swing shut mechanism. The most common reason for pushing back the door is a food item preventing it from closing. 

Alternatively, you put too much stuff in the door, it becomes heavy, and its swing back mechanism gets affected. Heavy tins of gravy and gallons of milk are at the heart of the problem instead of any technical issue. 

Inspect the hinges

Sometimes the problem is with the hinges of the door. The door connects to the fridge with hinges. To inspect the door alignment with the refrigerator, take out the items from the door and see if it aligns with the fridge. 

There can be two issues with the hinges. If they are too tight, the door will angle upward, and the gasket won't create the seal with the fridge. On the contrary, if it is too loose, it will slump downwards. The loosening of the hinges is the most common problem that happens with use over time. 

The repairing process is quite simple and only requires a screwdriver. If the hinge is loose, you can tighten the screw or the bolt. On the contrary, if it is tight, loosen it a little to make the perfect alignment. Don't forget to place the bubble on the door to ensure an accurate level. Your careful work with a bit of finesse can bring back its right balance taking it a long way. 

If, during the process, you inspect that the hinge is too damaged and needs a replacement, don't fret. You can replace the hinges instead of buying a new refrigerator and fit in the new hinges at precisely the same place where you had old ones. 

Remagnetization of door magnet

Many refrigerators are coming with a door that sticks to the fridge with magnetic power. The excessive use of the appliance in the house can impact the strength of the magnet. Hence, the fridge door magnet requires remageneration. You can call a professional repair service for this job.  


A refrigerator is the most widely used home appliance in the kitchen. It keeps the food fresh and preserved. Its abilities are further enhanced if the cooling stays inside without any leakage. The seal and gasket of the fridge door ensure that the cooling stays inside. 


The refrigerator door, on the other hand, can have a variety of issues. We've compiled a list of the best ways to repair your refrigerator door before replacing it.

Chloe Taylor
Chloe Taylor
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