Home Decor Ideas for Small Spaces


Like most of us, you would also like to fit all your furniture’s in a small space of your house without looking crowded. While it may seem impossible, but with a little bit of creative home decorideas, you can turn the small space of your home into a spacious and attractive place to live.

While staying in a house with minimum space, you do not have to compromise with your lifestyle. With the help of the below-listed home décorideas, you can make anyone believe that the space in your house is bigger than it appears.

Home Decor Ideas 2

Let in the natural light

If your living room gets ample sunlight, then do not block it with curtains. Letting in sunlight will make your room more comfortable and fresh. To let in the natural light, you might have to expand your windows, or you can use lighter shades of paint to maximize the effects of sunlight.

Focus on folding furniture’s

You will need a desk in your bedroom and a dining table in a hall, but you will not use it for the whole day. During the rest of the day, these furniture’s will occupy a lot of space, thus consider buying furniture’s which can be folded when not in use. By doing this, you will free up a lot of floor space.

Get a right-sized floor rug

By choosing the rug that covers the whole space of your small room, you will make your room look bigger. A small rug will make the room feel equally small. Choose an attractive floor rug that matches with most of your furniture.


Brighten your room with mirrors

If you are facing the problem of lack of sunlight, then mirrors can help you in reflecting the light around the room. Mirrors can also help in making your room space look a little bigger. So find a suitable place to install the mirrors in your room.

Give first preference to furniture’s with storage

Make the most of your space by buying furniture’s with storage facilities. If your hall has limited space, then consider buying a sofa cum bed that can serve as both a sofa and a bed.

Use high ceiling space 

Even if you lack in surface space, you can compensate it by taking advantage of high ceilings. Take advantage of that vertical space and stress on building taller windows with high curtains. Also, curtains should be hanged well above the window to add airiness in your small room. Try to keep the curtain design basic.

Space between furniture and wall

You may be thinking of pushing your furniture closer to the wall to create space in your living room. But this will make your room look ugly. Keeping some distance between the furniture and the wall will make your room look wider and decent.

The above-listed tips may cost you some expenses which you can bear through your personal finances. But if you are facing a shortfall in your budget, then you can opt for a home loan. With the help of a home loan, you can make your dream house look more attractive and spacious without any budget constraints.

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