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Home Decoration, Visual Voice of Civilized Human Being

Human beings have started decorating their houses even from the time when they did not have proper houses and they were living just in caves of mountains etc. In historical places and in caves of mountains human had artistically inclined their walls by making many drawings, portraits on them. We have found many statues hanging or placed at these historical places for decoration.

Other than it our historical warriors were used to decorate their living places with their amours and swords etc. And rich people of every era enjoy to display their wealth with the decoration of their houses and by representing their lifestyles.

People of historical empires and ruling personalities were used to live in houses where:

  •           Floors are decorated with different mosaic designs
  •           Walls with handmade beautiful carpets
  •           Rooms with ruling style  furniture
  •           Roofs with artistic colorful designs
  •           Windows with fresh flower pots
  •       Floors with high quality soft and expensive materials

Then due to international trades and enhanced educational opportunities these ideas of home decoration started to spread in whole world and rich people other than the ruling ones also started adopting it. Even it become upper, middle and lower class representative as people of all type have started to focus on home decoration for home decoration there are many buy & sell used products markets.

Home decoration ways get a vast diversity and classified and named into different styles on the basis of:

•    Eagerness
•    Need
•    Lavish show off
•    Diverse lifestyles
•    Different occasions
•    Different Classes

of public in all over the world of present era.

As home decoration is visual voice of a civilized human being; he tries to show his willingness to live via showing and translating his happiness with help different creative decorative styles. Humans feel happy and relaxed to see their living places decorated and consider them worth living.


There are many other reasons due to which he gets the idea of decoration.

To make his home worth living.

People think that a well-organized and decorated home represents the cultural morals of inhabitants and it shows if they are well educated. 

To give his home a new style after some time.

It’s better to give your house a new look and style after some time, because humans love change and feel good even with a little change in the furniture setting.

By getting some inspiration trying to apply it.

Sometimes very randomly we get a new inspiration and a new idea for decoration, so do not leave your ideas abandoned or forget about them but try to give them a chance of practical application in your home. In this way maybe you will get something really worthy to apply i.e. really charming and beautiful to live.

To make home easy to live and relaxing place.

We all come back home with the thoughts to get some rest at home or get relax for a while and for this purpose we try to make our houses a relaxing point according our own ease and choices. Each of us have different priorities and different way to get some mental and physical rest.

To utilize junk material in creative ways.

We all have many used items and recyclable things at our homes, and a best way to get rid from them can be their creative use for home decoration. Besides making these things part of our dustbins we can make them decoration pieces just by a little creative alternation of them.

To make home perfect to receive some guests.

When it’s time for some guests we are all get very conscious about giving them a better and comfortable sitting plan, that’s why we try organize our best available options of furniture and decoration pieces etc.

To consume our free time to upgrade the house.

 People with the thinking of a continuous living and enjoying their lives do continuous efforts to make living places always look beautiful and worthy to live. To meet their living standards, they always keep discarding old and unusable things and doing or adding something new and upgrading their houses according to their lifestyles.

Houses decoration with time getting such importance that now a whole educational degree is dedicated for it with name of interior design”. The duty of an interior designer is to make indoor places beautiful, functional, and safe and according to available space well managed to use by people by using many decorative ideas, color scheme, decorative items, lightning and furniture etc.

The focused points for decoration as I have described earlier are furniture, walls, floors, roofs, textiles, windows, color schemes, curtains and decorative items etc.

Interior decoration have a great psychological effect of human beings. Decoration and interior designing effects human response and behavior positively. It’s our home or office, how we design it have a great influence upon our subconscious, as it have effect on our emotions and moods.

A black and white tiled floor makes us feel it uneven and move so quickly upon it so, this color scheme of floors is frequently used for walkways.

Have you ever felt it with a dull lightning setup we also feel dull and less active but if lightning is setup brightly we feel some energy in ourselves just like an energy which is created by day light and this good light setup now triggers us to perform our tasks more actively?

To give an expensive, rich and lavish look and feeling in homes interior designers use mirrors in walls. An artistic placement of walls mirror gives an expensive feeling to its inhabitants, and if their placement is technical that they are synchronized with the lightning setup they can also lift up spirits of the occupants and giving them a well lavish feeling of living.

Different color schemes effect moods of people differently. For example warms colors of autumn can give different feeling and can be a cause of different mood but pestle colors can make you feel differently.

Every room of a house have different purpose so, it should be decorated accordingly. Likewise every person of a house have different mindset and different mental and physical needs, so, if the house is decorated according to all these requirements the occupants will be ultimately very happy.

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