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Home Improvement And Innovation- GS Exterior Experts In Business Over Two Decades

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Home improvement is a process that, well planned, can be highly rewarding and satisfying. We know that while the times are changing, they will also continue to change current fashion and trends in interior and exterior design and decoration. GS Exterior Experts have been in business since over 21 years. Started in Colorado as a family business, GS Exterior Experts is a construction and home improvement business started by Keith Vigil in 1999. Often times when residents look around their house they realize that what once seemed modern now looks dated.  It has happened to absolutely everyone.  That is where GS Exterior Experts have been rendering their services to houses. Dealing in products ranging from windows to total wall cladding and siding, GS Exterior Experts operate all over Colorado and offer James Hardie siding installations as well as many other products such as James Hardie fiber cement siding, Woodtone rustic series siding, LP Smart Side siding, Marvin fiberglass windows, Pella windows and doors, Milgard windows, F- wave roofing products, Owens corning roofing, GAF Roofing, Dryvit stucco, STO stucco and sunset stone products.

A little change goes a long way

Revamping the exteriors of the house isn’t something that needs to be a hefty task or that requires a big investment but investing your money in something that is durable and cost effective is a good deal. Learning the tips and following advices when considering home improvement guarantees that the project will be an agile, effective and practical process. Planning is the only way to prevent bad investments. GS Experts operate from Littleton Colorado and provide A-rated services throughout the state.

What to establish before remodeling a house?

The first thing is to establish if the need is to remodel the entire house or just a part of it. Remember that each space involves different challenges and that if for example the area to be remodeled is the kitchen, then the services and products needed will vary greatly than if an individual were to repair or install a new roof.

There are portions in the house that involve more or less difficulty in installations and vary in the costs associated with each of them. Once the areas to be repaired are ascertained, one can decide how many and which professionals should be hired. The budget is allocated as it varies greatly according to the improvements that are to be made. Sometimes, remodeling houses does not mean having to move out of home, especially if it is the exteriors that are being changed. GS Exterior Experts recommend using materials which are tough, durable and weather resistant. Choose a style and depending on it choose the materials and colors that will suit the exteriors of the house.

Which look suits the exteriors more?


When lining the house outside, the temptation to do everything perfectly often ends up in making decisions which are either impractical or do not give the desired results.  An aesthetically attractive facade is an important thing, but do not pursue beauty exclusively. For different types of buildings - and the material here is the most important factor - there are nuances and objective limitations.

The principal parameter is maintaining normal humidity in the rooms. For this, it is necessary that the vapor permeability of the outer skin is higher than that for the wall material. If the rule is observed, then excess moisture will come out. If not, it will accumulate on walls and ceilings, which further threatens with dampness, an unpleasant odor, fungi, mold, freezing in winter and, ultimately, the destruction of walls.

In order not to limit the choice of material for covering the house, there are two options:

Arrange a ventilated facade with lathing and ventilation holes or fixing the cladding directly to the walls, protected from the inside with a vapor barrier.

Due to the appearance of various and effective aggregates, Stucco is popular in giving the walls oomph as well as making them look elegant. Among other benefits, stucco holds heat well, saving on heating. It must be borne in mind that one cannot do without internal vapor barrier - the material does not pass moisture well.

Wall Siding, the benefits and considerations

Wooden houses live less than their stone or brick counterparts, organic matter is more susceptible to destruction. Often, wooden buildings are sheathed to refresh their appearance.

The simplest and least costly is wall siding. It can be vinyl, wood or metal. In the latter case, it is important to provide for the possibility of manufacturing a crate, which will serve as a frame for the facade material.

The next decision on the exterior decoration of the house is bricks. This type of cladding imitates cylindrical logs, protects well from the wind and gives a solid appearance. The bricks are mounted on a crate. The material is equipped with grooves needed for assembly and ventilation holes. As a rule, they make it from a natural tree of coniferous species.

Insulation to remain energy responsible

If the wooden look of the house does not matter much, then it is worth considering the option with thermal insulation and plaster. Sheathing is in two layers: first, heat-insulating plates are attached to the facade, reinforced with a mesh, and then decorative plaster is applied.

It is not necessary to sheathe a wooden house with brick or stone - it is expensive, an additional foundation is needed, an extra load will be created, it is not clear why to hide the tree.

Brick buildings are durable, and are impact resistant. Therefore, there are more options for external decoration than wood. The most economical and fastest is again siding. For brick walls, metal, plastic and fiber cement versions are suitable. Made of refractory clays, the material absorbs water very poorly, which makes it possible to use it in any climatic zones. Good for exterior decoration of buildings from building blocks.

Using stone tiles for a European look

Stone tile is a very durable, practical, unpretentious material with high insulating characteristics. It also looks distinguished and made of the same material as flexible tiles.

Stones look elegant and perform all the necessary functions for lining a house. The options are quartz, slate, granite, sandstone, marble. However they are not cheap. To save oneself from expensive cladding, natural material can be replaced with artificial: ceramics, concrete, polymers, resin - these types of facade stones are widely available on the market.

GS Exterior Experts started with residential new construction siding and window installation for established businesses. Their initial clientele included Shea Homes and James Hardie siding center. From 1999 to 2006 they had worked exclusively on residential new home construction before venturing off to replacing residential and commercial siding replacement, window replacement, roofing, stucco and stone installation home improvements.

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