Honda Timing Belt Replacement Intervals

On your van, car, truck, or any other vehicle, the timing belt do a very important job. It is an essential part of the vehicle’s engine that controls all the process that engine works and create a sequence between the valves and pistons opening or closing. There is another thing is timing chain that we use the engine at the place of a timing belt. But mostly car maker used a timing belt instead of a timing chain because timing chain is made of metal and produce a noise when it is going to work.

With the start of an engine, the timing belt live under stress until the engine is going to process and not stopped completely. Your vehicle timing belt performs and attached the crankshaft and camshaft and water pump. These all things keep their own importance in the car engine and perform their duties or functions via the timing belt. So you have to need to replace the timing belt at a point.

Vehicle’s manual recommends you that at what is the distance or travel reimbursement where you need to change your vehicle’s timing belt. Mostly the range of interval for your timing belt replacement is every 60,000 to 105,000 miles but it will be increase or decrease that is totally dependent on your car’s engine.

Here is a list of some car’s timing belt replace interval.

In Honda, Timing belt replacement intervals are different depending upon car model as well as belt brand you are using. Few brands suggests to replace before 5 years.

  Engine Interference Intervals/ Replace
1 1.2 Yes N/A
2 1.3 Yes 60,000
3 1.5 Yes 60,000
4 1.6 Yes 90,000
5 1.8 Yes 60,000
6 2.0(SOHC) Yes 90,000
7 2.0(DOHC) Yes 90,000
8 2.1 Yes 90,000
9 2.2(SOHC) Yes 90,000
10 2.2(DOHC) Yes 90,000
11 2.2(DOHC Passport) Yes 75,000
12 2.3 Yes 90,000
13 2.6 Yes 75,000
14 2.7 Yes 90,000
15 3.0 Yes 105,000
16 3.2 Yes 75,000
17 3.5 Yes 90,000
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Why Honda Timing Belt Replacement cost is high?

Honda Timing Belt replacement cost is high because pricing is not only for belt replacement, it also includes labor cost, some more linked part replacement that are timing belt tensioner, water pumps, timing belt cover and few lubrication.

Owner can save dollars just by choosing right mechanic or by replacing at home within 60 minutes for first timer and less than 30 minutes if you have do it before.

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