The Characteristics of a Good Flying Instructor

Deciding on a flying school is like choosing a major in university. There are many options available, but which of them will offer you the best results? Much like a university, having a good teacher can make a massive impact. Learning to fly can be a very challenging experience so finding a good flying instructor is very important. Flight instructors are perhaps the most critical element of any flying school, after the equipment and fleet, of course.

So, what should you look for in an instructor at a hong kong flying school?

1.) Look for knowledgeable and calm instructors

An instructor must always be comfortable in the cockpit, and friendly. Rather than being a teacher, they must act as a mentor and friend. When you go to a flying school, talk to some of the instructors. By the manner in which they handle themselves and answer your queries, you should be able to form a reasonably accurate opinion about their expertise. A good flying instructor will have a lot of flight time under their belt, so it’s important to look into how much flight hours they have.

2.) Must be Creative and Set a Good Example

An instructor must explain all the numerous safety protocols and measures before you sit in the cockpit. Additionally, they must also follow the procedures that are taught to you as well. Setting an example is crucial. Another good tip is to look into whether they have a good flight instructor rating. You can also talk to other students of the flying school to find out if the instructor’s set a good example.

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3.) Do Your Homework

Research all your options thoroughly. There’s nothing worse than realizing that the flying school you’ve just enrolled in was not the right one for you. See how friendly and helpful the staff of the school are. Are they warm, and go out of their way to ensure that every student thoroughly understands the requirements? How are the planes maintained? Do the instructors love flying and teaching new people? All these questions can only be answered if you do your homework. You could even ask for references from some students who have attended the school.

4.) Eager to Fly in Actual Conditions

Flying in real conditions is the best way to learn. Practicing in challenging situations is what will separate you from an average pilot. The instructor must be enthusiastic about flying and should be willing to rearrange their schedule to operate in such conditions.

5.) Experience

While it is true that some less experienced instructors can form far better teachers than the experienced ones, don’t go for someone who themselves learned to fly a few months back. Certifications are vital, such as a National Association of Flight Instructors or a Society of Aviation Flight Educators. This is proof that they are well-versed in all the procedures, and have been found fit to instruct would-be pilots. This is key to finding a good flying instructor.

Often, students go to a flying school and choose the very first instructor they come across. By looking for these qualities, you can ensure that the person you choose is someone who will allow you to morph into an excellent pilot.

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