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Hot Water System Emergency: How to Handle It

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An effective home is one where the plumbing, electrical works, structural, and aesthetics are functional. However, at some point, you may begin to notice some malfunction in the way your home plumbings behave.

Should you wake up one morning, turn on the shower and no hot water is coming through, you might be alarmed. Another case is when there is a leakage in the hot water system, or the kitchen tap is not supplying hot water anymore. These cases are some instances of hot water system emergencies. It is very natural for you to want to pick up your phone and call an emergency electrician for quick repairs and/or replacement. But hey, you can investigate the source of the problem first before calling the experts. The issue may be such that you can handle.

Now, let's take a look at some of these problems:

When there is no hot water

Should you turn on the hot water and get only cold water coming out, you may have two issues easily. Should you be using an electric hot water system, take a look at your circuit breaker. If it's in the off position, flip it on and allow the water to get heated. But if your hot water system runs on gas, it could be that gas supply is out. After performing these checks and neither electricity nor gas are the culprits, you really should contact experts on hot water systems for assistance.

Where there is no water

When you turn on hot water and no water flows; not even cold water, go check your water heater and find out if the isolation valve in the ON position. Should it be off, then that could be where the problem lies. Switch it on and wait for the system to come alive. Should there be no solution from this procedure, don't try to manipulate the system. Simply reach a professional to check the hot water system.

When there is leakage from the hot water system

The leakage may be coming from the pressure relief valve. Should this happen, you may have water that is too hot. There could be sediment keeping the valve seat open. The valve may need replacement then. However, should the issue not be tied to the relief valve, you may have to start considering getting a replacement for your hot water system. See your heating specialist for guide on how to get a more efficient hot water system.

When emergency help is required

After trying to diagnose the cause of the fault with your system and notice that it really is malfunctioning, you may not be able to stay without hot water. Where it is possible, try not to call for emergency repair. Certainly, the experts will arrive on time, but you may pay more. Should there be time on your side, book an appointment during business hours to have your system fixed. If there is need for a replacement, get to know and consider your options prior to changing the old hot water system.

Replacement options for hot water system include the following:

·A high power-rated hot water system should your hot water supply be cut short


·         Getting a gas-operated system if you've been using the electric type


·         Going for heat pumps; they are pricey but energy-saving


·         Solar powered hot water system. This is the most costly but overtime turns out to be cost-effective

Should there be need for major repairs after evaluating your hot water system, request a quote from your repairer prior to proceeding with the fix. Bear in mind that while some repairs may cost less, very pricey repairs will take more money and could be a sign that you will soon replace your water heating system.

Do a comparison of repair cost with replacement cost. There may be more savings on replacing the system than repairing faulty components. Need a 24 hour electrician to help you, give us a ring. We will be there to help.


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