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Hottest Trends in Women's Engagement Rings

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The year 2021 is bringing back some freedom and couples across the world who want to get engaged, married, and fulfill their dreams of having a life partner. But, to find a perfect ring means a whole lot of looking around and internet browsing. So, to help you with your search, we list here the biggest trends in women's engagement rings.

·       North-South East & West

The four directions give a clue to something happening in highlight. A new popular trend is growing up which comes with cuts from NSEW cuts to EW cuts only. These prongs are going to be everywhere if you ask designer Landau, a cool and vintage art enthusiast. These are ideas that youngsters are loving a lot. The emerald cut adds a spin definitive to the classic style but the ring is also a ring, and only vital touches can bring those subtle differences. From this, we go to the Emeralds, which are going popular stones than diamonds.

·       Emeralds

Adding that pop of color to bring out the new design is a good thing because emeralds really make the ring pop. The classic timeless piece of stone offers a grand opening and a unique idea to design your engagement ring. Further, you can add personal details to it, to make it personal. alternative gemstones and metals, even alloys are getting more attention in this regard as well, because of which jewelry makers around the world are trying to cope with the demand, and offer alternative jewelry.

The engagement ring is not just about gold and diamond anymore, but it's about being together and holding each other in the heart. The bespoke adaptations are calling for use of different tyle, design thinking, and cuts.

·       In Style of Bands

Another growing trend of 2021 seems to be in the design of the holder. The ever-changing landscape in jewelry design especially for weddings and engagements, means clients are looking for new ways. Because bands are great for more than one situation, these engagement rings are becoming popular. Instead of going for a single stone arrangement, band styles are more ergonomic as well. Many orders are in a waiting line because of the global situation, and bands are bringing the novelty a notch higher.

·       Petite Carved Stones on the Side

Another growing trend for an engagement ring for women includes a different approach to setting the stones and the holder of the ring. Because here you can see the placement is unusual but not unnatural. Many couples are going for this design trend because it makes them stand out. The side stones look beautiful too because they have that modern touch to them. Yes, they are also delicate because of the lack of support from all four sides, but that is the craftsmanship you have to compromise with if you want to go for a new fresh idea.

·       Personified Rings with Details

Because not even a global pandemic can pause love and couples to spend a life together, relationship goals are not thin. In the past year full of uncertainty, couples are taking control of their lives and focusing on adding personal details to their engagement rings. In a way, this all conveys that this is something special, even when apart.

This kind of alternative ring design for women is taking a surge among jewelry makers. There are several custom jewelry designers that can take orders online and deliver them to you. Social media is also taking this to another step. Traditional wedding rings will not disappear but the young generation wants to have fresh ideas inscribed into three rings.

·       Bringing the Modern Avatar to Classic Design

When a design is timeless everyone loves to have them, yet there is a desire to be different. Because this is about your life and relationship, you want it to be special too. Thus, jewelry designers are looking up for engagement rings for women that take both these desires and combine them together. In this upcoming new trend, you can find classic cut diamonds and go for a platinum setting to match it up. In this fashion-forward design thinking, brides, and jewelry experts are also coming up with traditional elements and modern twists.

They can comprise of single or multiple stones, band designs, or simple single-stone designs, but their look and feel is a combination of shapes, geometric patterns, and designs from classic to modern. Hexagonal shapes, multiple rings, and so on.


To bring it to a conclusion, engagement rings for women will always be a thing of passion. The year 2021 is bringing some old and some new ideas together. So, be a part of the era and take a pick, after all, life is about enjoying what is now. Send in your private commissions without any worries and ask for bespoke adaptations and personal touches, till you are satisfied.


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