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House Cleaning Resolutions for New Year

As you put all your Christmas and New Year decorations away, it is time to think about your house cleaning resolutions for the year. Do I start looking after my flooring myself? Do I just do a Google search to find a company that does pressure cleaning Gold Coast? Do I watch YouTube videos about carpet cleaning? Here are some house cleaning resolutions for the new year you may consider and make them a reality.

1.     Clean room by room

January is the perfect time for a deep cleanse of your house; this is mainly because January is always about cleaning. For instance, you have to get rid of the tree, clean up the wrapping paper, and clean up after the party you had to bring in the new year.

 Since you have to do all these and more, it is easy to keep cleaning. You can start by taking it room by room - start with the rooms with the highest foot traffic. Scrub the floor, vacuum, rinse and repeat the process until your house is looking sparkling clean. 

2.     Downsize and donate

Unwanted items such as any shoes, clothes, toys, books, electronics, appliances, or accessories that are of no use to you can still be useful to others while helping you to declutter your house. Set up a donation bin or box, so that those to collect the items will do so in an organized manner.

Besides, you can clean out your bathroom countertops and refrigerators to get rid of the items and medicines that are past their expiry dates. This routine will help create room for new items and make your house look clean. When you are done, you can contact agencies that provide services like power washing services to help with further cleaning.

3.     Clean quickly

Some homeowners don’t mind spending all their available time cleaning their house, but for people with a busy schedule, you need to clean quickly and have the time for important and pleasant things to do. In order to clean quickly, you need to be motivated.

For instance, play pleasant music before you start cleaning. Moreover, when you see a mess daily, clean it straight away, and don’t leave the stain or mess for your cleaning day. With that, you can save time and effort to clean old stains, thus making your home almost clean.

4.     Do seasonal cleaning

When you spring into cleaning at the beginning of every year, you will find that your home looks better with seasonal cleaning. For starter, thoroughly wash your windows and allow the sun to shine through by keeping the house’s pane sparkling. If you can’t do it yourself, call in a pro.

Also, accumulated lint and dust can reduce the cooling performance of your refrigerator. To clean the coils of your refrigerator, remove the grille and clean with a machine’s cleaner hose nozzle. Then, move the refrigerator away from the wall, and sweep or vacuum the lingering dust, lint, or stray crumbs. Next, clean your fridge door gaskets. Remove them and wash the areas with warm water and sponge, rinse, and dry with a soft clean cloth.

5.     Create a house cleaning schedule

When you fail to create a clearly defined house cleaning schedule, you can overwhelm yourself with too many cleaning tasks. Failure to create a house cleaning schedule is a mistake several homeowners make, but you can rectify that this year. Creating smaller and realistic goals will allow you to stay on top of your home cleaning without draining yourself.

If you have a clearly defined cleaning schedule, you can set things rolling a lot quicker. However, remember that it might take some time to create a new habit, so you need to be patient and consistent.

6.     Clean as you cook

One of the messiest spots in the house is the kitchens, and with the rate at which open concept houses are becoming more popular, the mess in the kitchen can always be on view. So, instead of ordering in or eating out to miss the mess, make sure you clean your house yearly while you cook. For starter, make sure you always empty the dishwasher before dinner. And you can try to give everyone in the family a task at the end of a meal so that clean-up will go faster.

7.     Do some cleaning at night

Cleaning a small part of your house every night will ensure that it does not become filthy, for that you need a cleaner checklist template for scheduling your cleaning chores. This routine reduces the pressure of cleaning your entire house altogether. For instance, washing the dishes and putting them away, cleaning messy spots, storing the dirty laundry, and more are all the ways you can clean up little by little daily to avoid having to deal with a home that is in a total mess.

Sagar Mandan
Sagar Mandan
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