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How‌ ‌to‌ ‌Integrate‌ ‌Social‌ ‌Media‌ ‌Channels‌ ‌into‌ ‌Your Virtual Event

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Integrating social media channels into your virtual event is a winsome strategy and will take your event to the next level. It will enhance the engagement of the audience during your event and will boost your event.


This integration of social media channels will let your audiences speak for you and promote your event indirectly. Also, it will ensure maximum interaction between the audiences across the globe.


It merely means displaying the tweets, retweets, likes, posts, etc. shared by the audiences around the brand before and during the virtual event.


With this blog, we have helped you with some ways to integrate social media channels into your virtual event.


So, here we go.


1. Acknowledge the interests of your targeted audience


Before anything else, as a marketer, you should first discover the interests of your targeted audience and the social channel where they hang out the most.

The most essential thing is to know which social channel is your audience active on.


This is the first step towards integrating social media channels into your virtual event, as it would help the marketers to choose the specific channel to display which will increase audience engagement and interaction with the event.


2. Integrate the channel alongside the on-going event


You need to ensure that social media integration does not ruin the flow of the virtual event, instead, it should infuse well with the event and its engagement.


It is important to understand the objectives of the event and also that integrating the social channels just means incorporation of the channel into the event and not superseding the event. 


This integration should not break the flow of audience engagement during the event and should not push the audiences out of the environment.


Social channels should be displayed as an additional element during the virtual event so that it does not replace the primary elements of the virtual event.


3.  Curate the social feed into a social media wall


One of the best ways to display your social channel into your virtual event is by leveraging the versatility of social media walls.


With the help of any aggregator tool, you can easily collect the social content and curate it into a unified form, also known as a social media feed wall. This social media wall acn connect your virtual audiences to your social profile and can increase your number of followers.


This feed can be customized and moderated before being displayed and can be auto-updated with the help of aggregator tools.


You can curate the feed using the hashtag dedicated for the event so enhance audience interaction during the event.

4. Integrate the social channels via API’s


The use of API (Application Programming Interface) for the integration of social channels into the virtual event. API is the computing interface that defines the kind of calls that can be initiated within the virtual event platform.


Platforms such as Twitter, facebook have API’s that are use to provide the users with the services such ad message posting, social queries, etc


5. Enable your audiences to discover connections


If your virtual event enables your audiences and attendees to discover the fresh and unique content and make new connections, it will surely impact the success of your event.


It should help your audiences to widen their reach and connect with new people of the same niche, so that they can expand their connections and grow their contacts.


For example, using LinkedIn connections API, you can let your attendees search for their LinkedIn connections attending the same event. 


6. Use live Twitter feed to display your social presence


One important way to integrate social channels into your virtual event is to display live twitter feed alongside your virtual event, to let your audiences know about the extent of your social footprint and the authenticity of the event.


This little bluebird displays the professionalism of your business. You can create your Twitter wall by using hashtags, handles, etc and aggregation all the curated feed into a single feed wall.


You can even display the tweets and retweets by your audiences to encourage maximum and enthusiastic participation of the other audiences in the event.




Like in-person events, virtual events too have their soul in connecting people together and infusing them with the environment of the event. One such way of doing this is by integrating your social media channels to your virtual event.


Here are 6 ways to help you proceed with the integration process effectively. So display your social presence to your attendees in an exciting way and boost up your virtual event today.

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