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How a Head Massage Can Benefit Your Well-Being

It is not just a luxury to let a professional from a London massage therapy centre rub your scalp but there are certain lasting health benefits to head massage. A single head massage session is just enough to improve the physical and emotional well-being of a person. Here are a few ways in which a head massage can make you feel better.

Stop Migraines and Back Pain
Persons having tension in the neck, upper back and head can suffer from migraines, back pain and headaches. This pain could stay for days, making it difficult and uncomfortable for the person to execute daily tasks. A professional applies pressure to certain points on the arms, shoulders, and upper back to help release the knots in the muscles. The pressure is slowly moved up towards the neck and head that lessens the blockages that exist due to head pain, and in the process, promote better circulation of cerebral fluid. A head massage may be enough to get rid of pain or tightness in the head and shoulder areas.

Promotes Hair Growth
This message is helpful to increase the flow of blood into the scalp, and bring in nutrients and oxygen to the hair follicles. This increases the nourishment and stimulates the hair growth, making the hair look more luscious.

Lymphatic Drainage
A head massage helps the lymph fluid to flow better around the body. This makes the removal of waste and toxins quicker from the system. Swelling that occurs after an injury or surgery is prevented with massage and also thought to improve the immune system. With adequate draining of the lymph system, many people find themselves energized.

Renewed Energy Levels
As the tension from the body is released, the body gets back its energy level. A daily release of tension from the head and neck areas can restore the energy of the person and make them feel less sluggish.

Improve Memory
Often our daily load of disorganized thoughts create short-term memory problems, making it difficult to recollect our thoughts efficiently. With a head massage, we find ourselves slowed down, allowing increased awareness in ourselves. The mind runs more efficiently as the memory feels sharpened.

Relief from Insomnia
Stress is often the cause of sleeplessness, and a head massage is a perfect solution for it. With a head massage, the person not only feels relaxed but finds a decrease in pain that might be the cause of sleeplessness.

Counter Anxiety and Depression
A head massage is a great way to reduce anxiety and depression in a person. Massaging helps to promote oxygen flow into the brain, helping to think creatively which is often the case with exercising.

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