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How a Sales Staffing Agency Can Help You

Two kinds of agencies on the market will help you in your job search. One is the recruitment agency and the other is a staffing agency. Many get these two mixed up, however, this article will clear things for you and give you insight into how the staffing agency can help get you on the right career path. Their recruiters can use their interior information and assets that would take an organization years to work in-house. Many firms will specialize in a specific field, like with Culver digital marketing recruitment, so that their team can hone in on the intricacies of the industry.

A Recruitment Agency

These types of agencies are also called employment agencies and they have established companies that have their staff, also known as recruiters, whose responsibility it is to find a candidate the right position, based on their skills, experience, and qualifications. They would also interview you at the consultation stage to find out what your personal preferences are and the type of job you are looking for. This link will give you an idea about them.

They can help you land a role on a permanent full-time position, part-time position and even on a contract basis. They would use their professional insight to advertise jobs on job boards within niche areas with the job roles, salary offerings of the employee and any benefits they may offer to the right candidate who fits the criteria.

These experts are also knowledgeable in prepping your CV (Curricular Vitae) to highlight the skills necessary for the job. Once they have interviewed you and narrowed down the list of candidates that meet the requirements, they send them to the company, most likely the HR (Human Resources) team who will go through them and arrange an interview. The entire process from start to finish is done directly with the recruiter until such point as you have been called for a face to face or online interview.

Once you receive an invitation for an interview it is upto you to impress the hiring manager or director. There are tons of tips on online sources that can prep you for this and it is imperative to do your homework about the company and prepare some valid question to ask during the interview You may be one of many potential candidates so doing your research and being well organized will get you a positive outcome most of the time.

A Sales Staffing Agency

Unlike the recruitment agency, these companies specialize in finding temporary staff for various companies and specific roles, in this case, sales jobs. The main criteria for them are to look for people who are keen on working specific shift patterns for instance within the hotel and entertainment industries, educational industry supply staff and medical sector nurses and staff.

For instance, you could work a job that lasts a few weeks or even be hired for a 12-month contract, depending on what the employee is looking for. These staffing companies are of high value to companies because they often have a database full of potential candidates with sales experience looking for shift work that they continuously add to with newer people.

This removes the tedious processes inbetween such as the employer doing verifications of qualifications or licenses and background checks. All of this is done by a sales staffing agencyand all the records are kept on file for as long as needed. The positive thing about working with these agencies is that it may not even be necessary to conduct a formal interview between employee and company hiring managers, as they would rely entirely on the staffing agency to do all the work for them and place the candidate in the right role without any hassles.

Companies use an agency such as this for various reasons such as:

·         The need for immediate cover for one or more jobs

·         Sales jobs can be few and far between but they have lists of internal companies with similar roles

·         They may need additional help during peak seasons

·         Perhaps they need someone such as an experienced project manager to work on a specific project for a few weeks till completion.

·         They also need to cover staff that may be sick, on sabbatical or on vacation

If you are an individual who is keen to try your hand at a few different jobs to find the right fit for you, these would be the perfect people to work with to help you find work. One of the advantages of working with them is that they also have jobs that start as temporary and if you like it or feel like you could continue working with the organization, they can reach out to the employers to hire you on a contract basis or for longer. There is much temporary staff that ends up staying within companies as a permanent worker over time and once they have completed an acceptable job.

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