Tuesday, November 28, 2023
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How a Strong Community Can Save Our Beloved Restaurants

The pandemic has hit everyone in some way. It has been financially devastating for many. The small businesses and restaurants we love have suffered immensely. As time has gone on, our favorite routines are becoming a part of our past, and we are settling into a new normal that seems to be getting socially bleeker. Whether nestled in a small town or the mix of a bustling city, many restaurants are suffering one way or another. Sadly, many have already shut down.

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Now is an opportunity to ensure your favorite local areas stay in business while there are restrictions. Many restaurants aren’t able to serve people indoors. Take out or outdoor seating is their only option, which oftentimes isn’t enough. This can cause such a huge hit that many places are beginning to close their doors for good despite their enormous efforts and wishes. Here’s how you can do your part in serving your community and keeping those doors open to the small business owners you care about.

Give Back

Having restaurant insurance is vital to address unforeseen circumstances, workers' compensation, and general and property liability needs. However, a lot of love from the community is also necessary in desperate times. A small restaurant in Snohomish County Washington, The Maltby Café, is known for its amazing homemade cinnamon rolls and award-winning breakfast. It has taken on multiple awards for being one of the best breakfast and brunch spots in the Seattle area. When the owners noticed funds were getting low, they had to find a way to pay the bills. The restaurant's future looked bleak, and the owners were worried that after over 30 years in business, the restaurant might have to shut down. One of the owners put together a holiday event,"Miracle on Maltby Street," to help raise funds. Word spread throughout the community. Quickly thereafter, a Go Fund Me page was set up. What originally was supposed to be a $10,000 goal quickly went beyond $85,000.


Take Action

This is the time for communities to come together like no time before. We are about to lose the businesses that make up the heart and culture of our towns. Setting up socially distanced fund-raising events, auctions, or just asking for donations helps in small and large ways. Sadly, many of us are also strapped for funds; therefore, just spreading the word about your favorite restaurant, posting to social media about your favorite dish and posting a memory you have at that restaurant can bring more awareness and bring in more customers. This free gesture can generate more revenue than you think. Word of mouth advertising is a viable and strong way for businesses to receive the love they deserve.


Look around your community. What restaurant would you miss if it didn’t survive the pandemic? What local restaurant has been a family favorite? These are the restaurants that are worth your time and energy. They deserve your loyalty. Learn from The Maltby Café; it takes a village to stay afloat. With community love, anything is possible.

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