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How A VPN Works - Best VPN for Kodi

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Virtual private network - VPN is considered to be an encrypted internet connection linked from a device to a network. All around the world, VPNs are getting extremely popular among individuals. Most people prefer using VPNs because it not only provides security and privacy but also offers access to streaming sites and a huge range of content, be it movies, games, tv shows, etc. 


Similarly, a popular platform for streaming that proffers privacy to the users along with fulfilling their streaming requirements, is Kodi.tv. It has gained huge streams in recent years because of its availability of content and versatility. 


In this article, we will discuss a few VPNs that are great and reliable to stream Kodi content. We will help you make your decision as to which VPN is perfect for your needs to enhance accessibility and optimize your experience. But before that, let's see how a VPN works. 


How VPN Works?


The VPN acts as a mediator between you and your internet by hiding your IP address and the string of numbers that the internet service provider assigns to your device, thus, protecting your identity. 


A VPN works when the internet connection of your device is routed through the chosen VPN’s private server other than the internet service provider. This way the data is transmitted to the internet rather than the computer.


Furthermore, if somehow your data is intercepted or snatched, it will be unreadable until it reaches its own destination. A VPN hides your data through encryption and creates a private forum for your device and usage of the internet. 


Below we have mentioned a few VPNs you can choose from.

Express VPN


ExpressVPN offers extremely fast speed and has become greatly popular among various nations for streaming HD content. This VPN has an insanely huge approach worldwide with about 3k servers expanded across 90 countries including 160 cities. 


Moreover, ExpressVPN offers reliable encryption standards with military-grade that helps a user to experience a good connection without any throttle or lag while streaming. 




NordVPN has an impressive level of security and protection for its users. The connection speed of the VPN is also pretty great and users rarely complain about slow downloads or slow streams. These are some reasons why NordVPN is also one of the famous VPNs used worldwide. 


CyberGhost VPN


CyberGhost has the same offers as NordVPN, however, it is spread across more countries than the other. Its presence is available in 90 countries like the ExpressVPN. The best thing is, it has customizable features that allow users to have a better internet experience. Also, it’s a company that offers a zero-logging policy so there is no need to worry about tracking time. 




IPVanish is a different kind of VPN that offers the most essential security features. This includes a light package that is specially designed for Kodi users and allows effortless performance. 


As a matter of fact, many Kodi users prefer IPVanish the most because of its adaptability to the site. It is considered that IPVanish does not compromise on the user’s security as it employs 256-bit key encryption with the package. 


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