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How AI Can Help In Your SEO Strategy

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has seen a meteoric rise in recent years. AI technology has finally made its way off the pages of Science Fiction and has entered into the real world. With all industries scrambling to incorporate AI into their business models, the field is expected to continue its exponential growth.

But do you know AI has applications in SEO as well?

As a business owner, you just cannot afford to miss out on this key technology that is bound to subsume a lot of business operations in the future. Already top SEO agencies are leveraging AI to analyze customer data, create targeted digital marketing campaigns and much more.

So how can you utilize AI to boost your SEO strategy? Let’s find out.

AI And Search
It goes without saying that the prime goal of SEO is to help your business/website rank higher on SERPs. With the incorporation of AI algorithms in search engines’ operations, the way SEO services go about optimizing your website will decidedly change. In fact, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to transform the digital search scenario.

Google has been using its own version of an AI algorithm called RankBrain, which was confirmed by Google in 2015, to deliver more relevant results to the searcher’s queries. In such a scenario, basic SEO strategies such as keyword research and link building need to be augmented by taking the aid of AI tools that can help your website navigate the new AI waters and emerge on the top of the SERPs.

Furthermore, with the introduction of smart home assistants, voice search is expected to overcome traditional search by 2020 (source: As a result, it has become imperative for businesses to leverage AI technology to stay on top of voice search results as well.

AI Based Analytics
Every top SEO company swears by one thing - analytics. Proper analytics can be the difference between the success and failure of your SEO strategy. And AI tools can be of immense help in this regard. Using AI based data analytics can allow you to gather valuable insights regarding customer behaviour and site engagement, which you can then incorporate in your SEO plan to drive your website up in the search rankings.

Further, using AI techniques such as cluster and predictive analysis can allow you to focus your SEO efforts on search terms with high intent, thereby allowing search algorithms to index your site better and help it climb up the search rankings.

AI Assisted Content Creation
While it is true that AI cannot yet create a content on its own, nevertheless it is expected that the language skills of AI systems will improve with time. Till such times are here, you can always use AI powered tools to create more effective and targeted content that is more in line with your SEO strategy. AI analytics can tell you what form or type of content the users are more likely to respond to, what keywords to spin your content around, and which distribution channels you should be using to ensure your content reaches your target audience. AI powered authoring tools can help in the actual process of content creation too.

The consumer of today demands to be treated as a unique individual. As a result, any effort to reach your target audience through generic messages is bound to fall flat on its face. In order to drive greater customer engagement and thereby improve your search rankings, you need to use AI tools to create extremely personalized outreach modes that will be targeted to your customers, preferably at an individual level. Companies are already taking advantage of AI technology to provide personalized recommendations to buyers based on their past engagement with their brands. If you want to leverage this technique, you can hire a SEO company in India specializing in AI marketing. And yes, know about the various parameters beforehand once you go about choosing the top seo company in india.

AI Chatbots
If you aren’t using a chatbot on your site, ask your SEO services today! AI powered chatbots have become the norm on most sites. These act as personal guides which can help the customer navigate your website and take that all important step towards conversion and sales. And as your site’s engagement goes up, so does your ranking.

One thing is clear: AI is here to stay. With major search engines utilizing machine learning techniques to deliver users more relevant results, any business that hopes to survive in the AI led world has to leverage the same techniques to navigate the web and reach users at the right place and time. Do you find this a bit overwhelming to start with? Then contact an top SEO agency in India today.

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