Saturday, September 30, 2023
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HomeComputersHow Are People Protecting Online Data Today?

How Are People Protecting Online Data Today?

Since computers were invented the idea of data protection was already in full force. Although originally people were not connected to the internet, having a password and keeping sensitive data protected was still a priority.

In fact, the practice of data protection was around long before computers even existed. When paper was the only way to store information large storerooms and archive libraries were kept. The only personnel given security clearance able to access these files had to sign in or had a code to get into the room.

Today the world of data protection is becoming increasingly complex with new advancements in technology on both sides of the fence. Those that want to commit fraudulent acts online are always looking for a new way to do so. No sooner than a loophole is found, one is invented to close that loophole.

The Data Security Industry’s Business Model

In the past, the data protection industry was largely reactive. A new virus or hack would be invented, and data protection solution providers would counteract the hack. It was a cat and mouse chase and to some extent it still is.

Nonetheless, data security teams are much more proactive nowadays. They spot loopholes before they happen and release these solutions to the general public. Antivirus programs, VPN software, encryption keys, and software, as well as cybersecurity procedures,  are all put in place to prevent attacks on computer networks.

One example of being proactive is creating intelligent software that will only open up ports on an internet router if a particular encryption is being used. The other option is to just close the port altogether if the network specialist decides that the port will not be needed.

This practice makes sure that no one can penetrate the system with a new piece of technology that takes advantage of ports that are commonly left open and vulnerable.

VPNs Are The Most Popular Home Solution

At the moment the cost of a fully functional business grade data protection system is far beyond the budget of most ordinary folk. Also, adding such advanced tech to a home network is overkill in 99.9% of cases.

The most obvious piece of software to create by IT tech software companies was the VPN. What is VPN? It is effectively the same high-grade encryption as a business network. The difference is that people will need to connect to a server on another network in order to take advantage of that network’s security system.

In short, anyone that uses VPN software has business-grade security at their fingertips for a very low monthly fee.

The people that own the VPN servers are the ones paying for the high-end technology on their own network. This tech is expensive, but they get a return on their investment through the software they created. Ordinary people like you or I will rent this software on a monthly, quarterly, or yearly contract.

As a result, VPN software has become very popular for both the average Joe at home as well as for small businesses that do not have the budget to commit to a high-grade network security system.

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