How are people using internet to earn money?


There used to be a time if you have to earn money, you need to go outside your home and find yourself a job and keep working and end of the month you will get your salary.

It doesn’t matter if you are a student or whatever this used to be the situation but that time is long gone. Now even if you do not move a muscle you can earn millions of dollars.

That’s the impact of the internet on our life’s in today world. But some people use the internet for fun and some people to make money out of it. It your decision to decide which one you want to be.
Personally, if I have to choose I will go for money over temporary fun.

So how are people making money out of the internet?

Look you are not going to make money if you don’t how to make so make sure you check various websites that teach you how to grow financially online for example check moneyora to keep learning how someone can make cash online.


Also, make sure you watch various YouTube videos and follow various social media pages to keep yourself up to date.


Have you heard of blogging before? You probably may have because it a very famous term online. Have you ever heard someone said,” I read this on that blog, I learned it from a blog,”?

Even the article you are reading right now is a blog post. But have you ever wondered why people write blog posts? What do they get? Because starting a blog website costs your money. Are people doing it for fun?

The short answer is no.

Bloggers are doing blogging because they are earning money from blogs and do you know how much they are earning?

An average earning of a professional blogger per month is 100,000$ or more or less. Basically it totally depends upon in what niche you are into.

Starting a blog is not that difficult as it sounds, you need a little knowledge not technical but theoretical, if you know how to use a laptop that’s enough.

 You can use YouTube or Udemy to learn about blogging.

2. YouTube

You don’t only watch videos on YouTube but you also earn money from it. People make videos on YouTube so that they can earn money.

Now the question is how do they earn money from YouTube right? Because whenever you are watching a video on YouTube it doesn’t cost you anything.

But whenever you want to see a video on YouTube, you will see that almost every time there is an ad before starting the video.

That’s how people are earning money from YouTube. Now don’t start daydreaming, it’s not that easy. It takes time unless you start earning from YouTube. You need many views on your videos if you want to earn and that takes time.

3. Ecommerce

Today Everyone buys products online rather than shopping offline because there are various benefits of shopping online as you will find products at a cheap rate and you also get a refund policy.

Ecommerce is a great way to earn money online as it doesn’t require a lot of investment and marketing because websites like amazon, Flipkart already have a very good image in the market.
You find a lot of customers for your products and eCommerce websites will take care of delivery and everything so you can focus on your products and make them better.

It just takes a few clicks to get registered with Amazon or Flipkart.

If that doesn’t suit your needs, you can also create your own eCommerce store from scratch but remember you will need marketing for the same but you will have the overall control of your store.


Now u have an idea of what and how people are earning money online. If they can do it, you can also do it, or do you also want to earn money or just keep scrolling through the internet? The choice is always yours.

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