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How attorneys with mediation skills can be important to your case

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When it comes to hiring attorneys, you must always understand that not all lawyers are created equal. Indeed, despite the fact that the vast majority are highly-qualified, they all have their own unique sets of skills and experience that allow them to become experts in some field over others. As such, when you are in need of legal representation, you must consider all of the traits that will be beneficial in a lawyer before you decide which one you will hire. For instance, despite the fact that many do not consider the importance of hiring an attorney with mediation skills, doing so can literally help you win your case. With that in mind, here is a list of reasons why hiring an attorney with mediation skills can be important to your case. 

Settle Out of Court

While many people seem to think that all lawsuits must be settled in court, this is not necessarily the case. No matter what the case entails, a skilled mediator may be able to help you resolve the issues without going to court at all. This is especially the case in situations in which there is an emotional component that may be the true underlying issue. By having your attorney attempt to mediate the situation, you may be able to resolve the issue without wasting time, money, and energy to win your case. 

Conflict Resolution

One of the most obvious reasons why hiring a lawyer with mediation skills is beneficial is that they can help with conflict resolution. If you have a personal connection to the person you are up against or if it is an especially emotionally-charged situation, it may be difficult to handle the matter rationally. However, by hiring a qualified lawyer with mediation skills, you can resolve the conflicting emotions that may be keeping the case from moving forward.


Additionally, given that court cases are typically public record, there may be times in which you may want to keep all of the details of your case private. While there may not be any guarantee that you can keep the details of your case once you appear before a judge, mediators are required to keep everything confidential except in very extreme circumstances. Therefore, choosing to mediate instead of going to court, or simply to mediate the private parts of the matter before you go to court, is a great way to keep your private information from spreading to the general public. 

Maintain Control

Moreover, using a mediator can also allow you to take control of the case. When you appear before a judge, you totally give up your control and allow the judge to decide the best course of action. While, in some cases, this may work in your favor, there are many cases in which the judge may actually make decisions that seem to be unfair or even biased. However, when you choose to handle your case with a mediator, this can allow you to maintain some sense of control over the situation. Rather than simply being forced to adhere to a judgment, you will be able to give input and settle on a resolution that is mutually beneficial, or in your favor. 

Save Family Ties

Also, using a mediator can be better for cases in which family ties are involved. This is because judges are not typically trained in mediation and they will not necessarily make a decision that promotes peace within the family. Rather, why will typically take an overview of the situation and decide what is the fairest course of action in the situation, despite how it may negatively affect those family ties later on. However, by hiring an attorney who is skilled in mediation, you may be able to avoid the fallout that could be caused by a judgment being placed on one family member, in favor of another. 

Legal Mediation Services

If you are in a legal situation in which you feel you can benefit from mediation services, you should definitely be reaching out to lawyers who have that type of experience. For instance, Church, Langdon, Lopp, Banet Law Firm is an example of a law firm that offers mediation services in addition to legal services. Rather than simply leaving these things up to the court, hiring a lawyer with mediation skills can save you time, money, energy, and can even help you skirt humiliation. There is no need to leave it to chance, hiring the right attorney can be the best thing you can do to win your case without wasting resources. 



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