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How better business travel can foster great customer relationship?

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Ask a non-business traveller about a weekend getaway and he would be really happy about it. Only a person travelling often for business purpose knows the real plight and scenario. Chances are he will want to work stationary at office or home. The comfort of being at once place and enjoying weekends with family are mostly preferred. There may be reasons owing to this; they travel a lot already which may be really exhausting and stressful. 

Moreover, frequent business travel may also take a toll on your mental and physical being of your employees. This may impact your business also. Therefore, it is important to think deeply about this situation. Wondering what? Let’s discuss in this blog.

What business travellers really want?

Every person seeks comfort in whatever they do. So, a business traveller primarily wants to make his travel as comfortable as it can be. The employee expects quality in their travel. If a company fails to provide a quality stay, food and travel arrangements, the job satisfaction of the employees may begin to reduce gradually. Millennials are of the belief that pleasure and work should go hand in hand.

So, the small steps you can take initially is to help them choose the hotel they want to stay in, and the airline they want to board. Consider revising your travel policies too!

How travel impacts the health of business travellers?

Business travel may impact the health of your human resource adversely. There is a higher probability of faster ageing, weaker immune system, increased risk of obesity, sleeplessness, or anything else.

This can be improved by revising your travel policy. Read them and answer this- Is my company’s travel policy made just to control costs? Is it taking the comfort of employees travelling into consideration? If it isn’t, work on improving it.

What else can you do to improve business travel quality?

  • Ask the employee if he wants a hotel that has a gym and gives him the amount or reimburses the same if he uses that facility during his stay.
  • Don’t rush your employees from a meeting to another. Give them the option to stay one more night after they are done with the meeting. Rejuvenation is necessary!
  • Tell employees some ways to manage stress and business travel well.
  • Remember, it is not just about the health of your employees but the health of your organisation also.

Invest in an enterprise-ready software

It makes sense to invest in a robust and affordable and best ERP software that can help you scan customer information the time you need it. If you have gone for  a meeting and want any customer records in the fly, you can immediately get it through SAP Business One mobile functionality. This software makes life a little easier for all travellers.

The poor business travel experience will lead to lower job satisfaction. As a result of the same, the employee will start looking for a job change. Thereafter, finding a new hire will probably cost you more than making your travel policies more thoughtful will cost.

So, look at your travel policies today again, not just as an employer but as an employee too!    


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