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How Big Businesses Keep Employees Happy

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There are several big businesses today that really know how to treat their employees well and to keep them happy. They have mastered the perfect atmosphere that keeps their employees staying longer and their businesses thriving. Just look up Google, Microsoft or Nu Skin company reviews to see just how much their employees love working there. So how do they do it? Here are a few ways that some big businesses keep their employees happy.

Work-life Balance

One of the most successful ways to keep employees happy is to make sure there is a good balance between their work life and home life. Companies can create an environment where their employees can feel connected to the organization and have a positive job experience. But also, companies can lead a rich and fulfilling life at the same time. Don’t overwork employees, make sure they have enough flexibility in hours and breaks. This allows them to strengthen their relationships in their families just as much as they should strengthen them in work.

Positive Environment

Along with making sure your employees have a good work-life balance, creating a positive work environment is one way to keep employees happy. You know the saying “happy wife happy life?” Try happy employees, happy company. Take the time to acknowledge good work, praise accomplishments. Provide incentives like free lunches or prime parking spots, change titles. Also be sure to help your employees progress, show them that you care about how they grow and develop within the business. Cover expenses for them to attend conferences that further their knowledge in their fields.


Another way that big businesses help keep employees happy is by creating clear career pathways. Research shows that if you provide developmental support to your employees like mentoring and training opportunities but don’t have career opportunities for your employees, they’re more likely to leave. It’s hard for employees to want to stay in low level jobs for extended periods of time, so there’s nowhere for them to move up, they’re more likely to move on to another company that will offer them a chance to grow. Something that can provide better job titles and raises. Providing career-planning discussions with employees along with training and development and actually having career pathways for them can help employees feel like they are valued, wanted and that they have a life at the company.

Beyond Basics

As always, doing more for your employees is a great option for keeping them happy. So offer more than just basic benefits. You can supplement salaries by assisting them in other ways. This can include things like an extra level of disability or life insurance. Other benefits beyond the basics like vision or dental can also be good ancillary benefits. Put a gym onsite or provide free memberships. Just like creating a positive environment, offering benefits beyond the basics can give your employees an extra measure of security and also an extra measure of joy when they walk in the door. Money isn’t always the only way to keep people happy, offer challenges, and compensations like gift cards or gifts for good work and meeting team goals

Above all else, knowing your employees and what their lives are like and what they might need, is the best way to keep them happy. Take the time to get to know them, spend time with them, and you’ll soon find that keeping your employees happy is a lot easier than you thought.

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