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How Black Friday Cyber Monday Helps to Grow Your Business Online

How Black Friday Cyber Monday Helps to Grow Your Business Online

Are looking to grow your business online?

If you said yes, Black Friday Cyber Monday strategies to grow your business online would help you.

If you don't know Black Friday potential, let me share mind-boggling stats.

Last year just Black Friday shopping sales hit $7.4 billion.

Black Friday Sales 4


Source: blackfridaydealspoint.com

Average per-person spending is $400 during Black Friday shopping.

After seeing these stats now might be, you're shocking why we miss these days in our business, right?

You're right. If you are still not getting ready for Black Friday Cyber Monday promotion, your business is losing so many golden opportunities.

With that, If you want to know why and how these golden days are one of the most effective days and what we can do to start planning for this.

So I'm going to give you some solid tips in this article for growing your business during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Let's get started.

Why Black Friday Cyber Monday Promotion?

As you know how busy shopping days are. People like shopping more while saving more.

That's why this time is best for growing your business rapidly in just a few days.

However, if you don't know what you will achieve from solid black Friday offers.

Let me show you some benefits of having black Friday deals for your business:

       More lead, conversion or sales

       Quick brand awareness

       Grow customers

       Generate high revenue in a short time

Sounds good?

These are not limited to the many other things you will get after providing deals to customers.

Now, if you want to prepare for these business days we'll walk you through some of the best tips for well preparing and executing your offer.

Let's dig it out.

Tips to Grow your business During Black Friday Cyber Monday

1. Start Preparation Earlier

Start preparing for BFCM is necessary, without doing planning of sale might be your marketing strategies fail.

There is no time limit that I would suggest because it totally depends on your business revenue goal. According to that, you'll start getting prepared before a month or a few days.

The preparation includes a strong deals plan, wide marketing strategies, inventory management, and an online store proper setup.

2. Setting Up Store Properly

Setting Up Store Properly

This is another excellent point that many businesses ignore. And at the time of sale, live their online store would start creating issues.

There are many things you need to keep in mind and set up correctly while planning for these big days. That includes:

       High resource hosting to tackle the traffic

       Store inventory setup

       Deals pages and call to action setup

       Mobile-friendly design

       Easy UI-UX

       and a lot more

These are the crucial parts otherwise due to some sort of issue you could lose lots of sales. So make sure to prepare for this in advance.

3. Plan Strong Offers or Deals

After having a business goal in terms of revenue or ROI, this is the time to plan about what offers or deals you want to give to your new users.

This is very much important as your discount directly competes with competitors one. Your offer should be more enticing which creates curiosity in visitors' minds.

However, you also need to think about your revenue because after offering a discount, will you get the pure profit that you have set? 

You can start promotion like:

       Coupon or Promo

       Direct discount

       Buy 1 Get 1

       Average cart value discount

       Bonus offer


For example: if you see HostGator Black Friday sale strategy they offer different coupons for different hours during BFCM.After deciding what to offer on Black Friday Cyber Monday, now it's time to spread your offer all over the internet.

4. Start Spreading Your Offer