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How Blockchain Will Disrupt The Education Sector

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Blockchain is generally referred to as a disruptive technology, in every positive stance, which is very much likely to transform the way certain tasks are performed within various industries. In fact, some experts have predicted that this technology is capable of causing disruptive changes in the tech world in just the same way the internet did to the web.

Blockchain technology which has now evolved into a much more diverse movement initially started out as an initiative to disrupt the banking sector. In fact, it is interesting to see how this technology is impacting many organizations within several industries ranging from education to shipping to supply chain management. No doubt, this is one of the most impactful inventions in recent years.

When it comes to adopting blockchain technology and maximizing the benefits it brings, it is evident that the world is still scratching on the surface, as there is still very much work that can be done. As more companies continue to adopt this technology, it is obvious that blockchain in its entirety will gain even more traction and visibility in the future.

Implementing Blockchain Technology in the Education Industry

Some experts believe that blockchain solutions will be assigned to effectively manage verification procedures in the education sector. This technology has been tipped to help bring about proper records and documentation of results. No doubt, this will lead to a significant reduction in the fake claims of unwarranted education credits.

It is quite interesting to see how these efficient blockchain solutions are just beginning to take hold of the industry. Currently, some large multinational corporations like IBM have already begun adopting this technology to develop a new educational platform that will be efficiently helpful in securing and sharing student records. This is only one out of several instances where these solutions are proving to be very helpful.

Here is a look at various ways in which this uncommon technology can positively affect the education sector.

Improve identity management

IDs are created to help ascertain people’s identity. While every college uses this means to identify their students, some large software companies also require students to provide college IDs so as to be able to obtain software licenses and make subscriptions at a lower cost. Unfortunately, many of these companies have been forced to shut such programs due to the prevalence of fake college IDs. As a result, many students can no longer benefit from programs that were originally designed for them.

Generally, it is very difficult to effectively perform efficient identity management due to the high and increasing number of students. Keeping track of thousands of students drawn from various colleges every semester is not an easy feat. Interestingly, some companies have begun adopting helpful blockchain development strategies that are aimed at creating viable digital identity management platforms which in turn, will help to ease the process of ascertaining users’ true identity.

Implement blockchain-based file storage platforms

In a bid to effectively promote collaboration among students, many colleges and universities have begun adopting various tech solutions that are majorly aimed at supporting faculties and other educational centers with large amounts of online cloud storage. Unfortunately, not everyone can be able to cope with the subscription cost of these existing cloud storage platforms which are usually on the high side.

To this end, some colleges have begun implementing various blockchain development solutions to significantly reduce the price of cloud storage. With the development of blockchain-based file storage platforms by top blockchain development companies, students can now get unrestricted access to education data online at little or no cost at all.

Offer payments in cryptocurrencies

The principal motives behind the creation of blockchain were to enhance transactions between two entities through the use of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc. Usually, this does not warrant the need for a trusted intermediary. Today, it is interesting to see how several colleges and universities around the world have begun adopting these blockchain solutions by allowing for payments to be made in cryptocurrencies.

When compared to other demographics, college students tend to be more adept in employing cryptocurrencies. Making payments via cryptocurrencies has gone a long way in helping students save time in the clearing of payments without having to pay any middlemen fees. Obviously, blockchain development has significantly helped to ease the stress of making payments in schools by offering college students the ability to make payments in cryptocurrencies.

Get authentic digital certifications

Every now and then, new techniques are been discovered on how degrees can be forged without anyone detecting. There is now an increasing number of skilled forgers who are working tirelessly to help people forge fraudulent degrees. But with blockchain development, there is an end in sight to this criminal act of forgery.

Just so you know, some big tech companies have begun adopting various efficient blockchain solutions to create and distribute unique digital assets that can be employed to verify and authenticate the credentials of academic degrees and certifications. With these new technological improvements, potential employers can save valuable time and resources verifying employees’ degrees.

Expedite the collection of E-Transcripts

When it comes to requesting transcripts for job or college applications, students are often required to pay high fees. But with the adoption of the blockchain technology, it is obvious that students will have their transcripts sent in real-time and at a low cost. No doubt, there is no better way to secure and share student academic records than this.

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