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How Businesses Can Convert Website Visitors to Customers

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Many businesses that sell their products through the online platform use much of their time trying to attract considerable traffic to their site. However, massive traffic that does not convert to sales is useless. This article has detailed some few tips that marketers can use to get that email address from a website visitor or get them to fill the form.


Ask Little Information

When asking website visitors to fill the form, businesses should stop requesting extensive information from the visitors. People feel that their private life is compromised when they are required to write much about themselves. Moreover, only a few people will bother taking their time to fill all the details. The website should have a simple form that requests a few details about a person. Various research studies indicate that conversion rate will increase by more than 11% when little information is asked.


Use Testimonials

Testimonials are known to increase sales because potential buyers can see that other people have already purchased from the website successfully. This is a social way of attracting and converting individuals to make a purchase or to fill the form. Testimonials should mostly be used on the landing page of the website or the product pages.


Use Tangible Action Verbs

When writing your call to action, website owners should make sure that they use tangible action verbs. Most of the verbs currently used by many websites are not captivating and do not encourage people to take action. Some of the concrete action verbs include ‘reserve your seat’ and ‘grab yours’ among others.


Humanize Your Brand through Videos

One of the best methods of humanizing the brand is ensuring that companies create a small video that can attract customers. The video should assist in showing that there is a real person behind the product or service. Many people shun away from the products because they feel as though they are being compelled by robots to purchase.


Lose the Hype

Using hyped content to attract customers used to work some few years ago. However, that has changed as many consumers have realized that it is all about marketing the product and nothing else. Consumers are now paying huge attention to the product and how it will make a difference. Stop writing fuzzy content and focus on giving more information about your product. Highlight the benefits and the negatives of your product. Russell Brunson perfect webinar scripts highlight that companies should avoid using excited content because it does not work.


Offer Free Shipping

Customers have already been accustomed to some special treatment such as free shipping, and they have already taken that as the standard. This means that your company should also offer free shipping to any destination around the world. Multinational companies such as Amazon and JD.com are already doing it. If you don’t meet the basic standard of online business, your customers will move to someone else who will do so.


Be Price Competitive

Unfortunately, price competition, which used to be a marketing tool in other areas, have now shifted to online business. Customers are currently evaluating the prices before they can make a purchase decision. A company needs to structure its prices and make them as competitive as possible. Most of the businesses that sell products that are available in other stores have to price their products below average so that they can compete, failure to which other competitors in the same industry will outdo them.


Be Ready to Communicate

Customers want to communicate so that they can get clarification on various products or services. Be easy to contact through multiple communication channels. Customers have different communication preferences; therefore, you should have different communication channels to appeal to numerous customers.


All the metrics highlighted above will help the company attract traffic and also convert them into customers. They all need to be combined and practiced on a regular basis. They should, however, be evaluated for their effectiveness and efficiency.


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