How Businesswomen Can Stay Successful While Juggling Other Hats


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These days, women can be pulled in more directions than ever before. Raising children, maintaining a household, tending aging parents, and so forth can have women who run their own businesses meeting themselves coming and going. As a result, stress levels for women in the workplace seem to be soaring, which some experts attribute to bearing so many responsibilities. Thankfully, there are some smart strategies to help women achieve their goals in all areas of life. Keep reading to learn more.


What Are Your Challenges?



Take a hard look at what you need to change in your workplace in order to enjoy more success, both in terms of your business and on the homefront. Do you need a larger staff? More elbow room? More funds to invest in production? All of the above? If so, you aren’t alone. cites studies that show women still struggle more than men in all these areas. Identifying where you need to focus can help you establish a plan for tackling your troubles. If finances are holding you back, consider a small business loan to enhance your situation. There are loan options to meet every situation, whether it’s equipment purchases, startup expenses, or even if you have some bumps in your credit history.  


What’s Your Work Style?


Traditionally, we have heard the best way to balance our lives is to create a strong distinction between work and home. However, experts at Psychology Today feel that whether you remain balanced and thriving can relate to your personal work style. Some people do better with strong boundaries, and some function best with more of a blend. With that in mind, think through what makes you tick. If you like a very separate work life and you currently are trying to work from home, it might be time to rent an office space elsewhere, or perhaps construct an outbuilding in the backyard. On the flip side, if you flourish with a mix, perhaps your home office could use some upgrades to optimize your comfort, productivity, and efficiency.  


Along those same lines, your schedule should reflect what keeps you happiest and most productive. For those who need distance between work and home, setting aside emails and other connections after hours can be a key. Blending work and home can be as simple as working remotely more often. Talk with your team, ensure you have the tools you need, be available during prime productivity, and build a schedule that will help you bloom.  


Could You Use a Hand?


Asking for help can be hard, but sometimes menial tasks are best designated to others. There are ample opportunities these days to outsource work, and sometimes it’s as simple as free automating apps. Regardless of whether you work from home or a highrise, parceling out mundane tasks can free you up for bigger, better things, whether it’s meeting with a potential client or running your kiddo to dance class. Forbes suggests outsourcing your inbox and calendar, and if you spend time crunching your own numbers, bookkeeping can comfortably be passed to an outside resource as well.  


Your workplace isn’t the only area where helping hands can provide relief. If you are doing all the running for your children, sometimes networking with other moms and dads is a chance to offset some of your burdens. Consider options like carpooling to ease a little of the chaos in your life. Busy parents can feel guilty, as if they are shirking responsibilities, but if it frees you up to accomplish more one or two days a week, it’s also a chance to feel less stressed and savor the other times with your children.  


If you’re feeling tugged in too many directions, consider your specific situation carefully. Think of what challenges you face, what makes you tick, and how you could blossom. Building a business and maintaining a personal life can challenge anyone, but with some tricks and tools, you can meet your objectives and thrive.