How can a professional teacher start an online teaching business?


If you have a passion for sharing your skills and knowledge with people, there are countless opportunities to set up a teaching business. You can reach prospective students within your existing community or approach audience spread across the globe.

When you are ready to take your teaching from the classroom to online, you must have access to the right tools at your fingertips to enjoy a teaching experience that is both interactive and simple to use for both you and your learners.

Becoming an online tutor is just like running a home business. To establish your presence in the industry, you must build a good relationship with your learners as they are your clients.

Once you successfully establish trust and relationship with your target learner base, your chances of success will increase, so will your online teaching business.

Now, let’s look into the steps you need to follow if you want to learn how to start an online teaching business.


Steps to build and launch your online teaching business

With online learning becoming a common way for learners when it comes to learning something, online tutoring business is emerging as the best way for professional educators who want to deliver their online classes to students across the globe.

If you are planning on starting an online teaching business, you must follow the best strategies to launch your online teaching business and run it successfully. A powerful tip would be to begin a small scale and expand as you expand your classes.

Invest in the technologies you require instead of trying to adopt all advanced technology available in the industry. No matter how advanced the technology you use is, if it doesn’t benefit your learners, they are of no use. Prepare a well-planned strategic approach to reach your online tutoring objectives.

Now let’s look into the stats that would help you with starting an online school.

Study your target audience

As the first step to starting an online school, identify your target market, and find who you want to reach with your online classes and what exactly you want to teach.

For example, if you are proficient in maths or science, consider offering such classes to allow your students to master the subjects. Your student can be as large as an industry or a small niche as well. Select your target student base that suits your expertise and skills.

Find your target learners online

How you promote your online teaching business finally depends on the target segment base. When forming strategies to run your online classes you must keep the focus on your learners.

To find your student base online you can use email marketing, social media marketing to reach out to your target audience. Allow your visitors to join the newsletters in your online classroom so that you can create a mailing list to convert them into your learners.

Select the core subjects to teach

The skills you choose to teach are the primary reason why your learners come in search of your classes. If your classes don’t offer much value to your learners, they won’t bother to sign up for your classes.

Hence, plan in such a way that your online classes are special in terms of niche and value. When selecting the core subjects to teach, take the requirements of your students into consideration.

Get to know their needs, and what they are looking for from your classes so that you can craft efficient ways to help them achieve it. 

Plan your online classes

After finding your target audience, start planning your classes. Determine the type of classes you are going to deliver before launching your online teaching business. Prepare a few lessons for your online classes.

Later on, you can modify the lessons according to the requirements and the feedback you receive from your learners. Play with features and tools of your online tutoring site to create lessons in various formats like PDFs, interactive videos, podcasts, etc. to add more value to your online sessions.

Market your online teaching business

Now comes the important part of running a successful online teaching business- promoting your business. Market your teaching business in relevant online channels so that you can grow your client base and your business.

Leverage social media to share the world with your peers, friends and family, and potential learners. Post short videos about how your online class works, share your blog posts on social media platforms, and encourage your networks to share the word.

Use automated notifications, marketing newsletters, and emails to send out updates to your learners and track the performance of these social strategies using built-in analytics tools available in your online classroom and social media.

Offer live classes to your students

Offer live classes to your students to engage them to a greater level. When they learn through live classes rather than just watching videos, they will be able to interact with you in real-time with modern video conferencing solutions.

Live classes allow you to work closely with your learners and work together with them by leveraging the collaboration features. You can either choose to offer one-one live classes or group classes for your students.

Analyze the performance of your students

When delivering online classes to your learners, you must assess and demonstrate their progress. With the right tests and assignments, you can create assessments to measure the performance of your students to understand how far they have learned at a given point.

When you offer your learners a rich and involving experience of learning through your online classes, they will tell their experience to others. This will bring more signups for your online classes through referrals.

When you start leveraging the right tools to create online classes and assess the performance of your students, your business will begin to take off.

Don’t get intimidated by the competition

If you are looking for impactful ways of delivering online classes to your target audience, one thing you must consider is the competition in the market. However, don’t get intimidated by the fierce competition, especially when you are starting out.

If you look around, there would be plenty of online teaching business in various niches. Make sure you do thorough market research to understand your competitors and what makes them successful in the industry.

Setting up a solid foundation for your online teaching business is important when you are starting out. Never get carried off by that goal by listening to the noise around and not focusing on building your own branding.

Determine your pricing

One important aspect of teaching online is to price your classes the right way. The pricing of your online classes has a great impact on every aspect of your online tutoring business.

It affects the type of learners your classes attract, the way you market your courses, the amount of support you can offer to your learners, and the amount of money you generate for your online classes. Charging too little can affect the perceived value of your classes, severely limiting your marketing abilities and revenue potential.

Whereas if you charge too much, you might struggle to get more sales. There is no one-size-fits-all pricing pattern when it comes to pricing your online classes, it all depends on the value your classes offer to your students.

When you start out teaching online, it could be really difficult to resist the temptation to price your online classes low. Maybe because you don’t have the confidence to price it high or you have no clear idea of what your potential students would be willing to pay.

If you are teaching specialized classes within a specific niche, you can fix a higher rate for your classes.

While there are a lot of people who would look for cheap online classes, there are people who are willing to pay a premium price in exchange for high-quality education that is organized and delivered in a convenient and premium format. These are the target audience you want to offer your classes to.

Build your own online school

The important step in launching an online teaching business is to build your own online school. Your own online teaching platform will allow you to host your virtual classes and create an efficient learning environment for you to deliver interactive live classes with your students.

Having your own educational platform allows you to have more control over your offers and pricing so that your online classes are lucrative for you as a professional online tutor.

When it comes to creating your own online teaching site, you can use an efficient online tutoring software like Pinlearn to build and run your teaching site in simple steps in an affordable manner.


It doesn’t take long to start an online teaching business. To improve the branding of your online teaching site, integrate services that nobody else in the market is offering.

Make sure you continue to improve the appeal and functionalities of your site to cater to the changing demands of your online audience.

Like any other business, you will want your online teaching business to be competitive as well. Understand what your competitors are charging for online classes in the same niche. Take each online session of your as an opportunity to create a positive impression on your learners and offer the best value-based learning experience.

Know who you are selling to so that you can craft your online classes the best way it suits your target audience. Follow the best practices to run your online teaching business to create a successful brand for yourself in the industry.

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