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How can an Efficient Audio Design System Enhance Your Experience In a Theatre?

The only two senses that we mainly use when we go to a theatre or watch anything online is sight and sound. Both of them are just as important and go hand in hand. The visuals of a movie or a scene in the theatre are edited well for quality and enhancement. However, audio of the same needs to be given the same importance as well.

Audio design is an essential part of any filmmaking as the delivery of sound plays a major role. It sets the mood, pace and tension required during a scene. Think about it, would you be happy watching a silent movie and be just as thrilled after finishing it?

Some important components of audio designing are:

       Directionality is a significant method used here. It involves the mixing of two sounds to give a certain effect. It makes sure that both the sounds are coming from the same direction to produce a cohesive and unidirectional hearing.

       Ambience setting is an important part of audio design. For example, let's say you are sitting in your car with your eyes shut. You will still have a sense of traffic approaching you. Similarly, in a theatre, the sound around you sets the environment and suspense.

       Voice overs are the addition of layers to your original sound for creating a specific effect. Sound effects can vary from human to digital for increasing the quality of production.

       Foley sounds help adding the desired quality, intensity, volume and depth of the delivered sound. The main effects that Foley sounds work on are footsteps, movement and props.

For audio designing, many devices are required for providing the desired effect. The main devices used are:

       Audio Interface- The most important device for a good audio design is an excellent audio interface. It helps you to convert the sound from analogue to digital by maintaining its high fidelity quality.

       Microphones- Microphones play an essential and fundamental part in audio designing as these are the means through which you can record your needed sound.

       Compressors- These devices help in decreasing the dynamics between the loudest and the faintest parts in particular audio. It is required for boosting up the fainter signals and minimising the louder signals.

       Graphic equalisers- This device helps for making the quality of sound better. When the sound frequency in a video goes vague, graphic equalisers help bring back the authentic sound quality of the video.

By now, you can have an idea of how necessary good audio maintenance is required to deliver the best scene. Unfortunately, we often feel shooting and the visual quality of the movie is the essential and attention-grabbing part, and we forget how important audio is as well.


An effective audio design system really enhances your entire experience of the theatre as it helps in giving the required sound effects. There are many devices and systems available for such sound effects which work great in audio modification and audio editing. Opt for a good audio system to enhance your music experience.

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