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How Can Businesses Utilize Location-Based Marketing to Boost Lead Generation?

Businesses are operating in a highly competitive environment, regardless of their markets, product or services they are offering. And as the competition for sales, b2b leads and profit becomes fiercer, companies must resort to more powerful tools to help their businesses remain competitive. One of the rising stars among marketing strategies, location-based marketing, is a particularly interesting weapon in this competition, which is unfortunately still underused by many companies. If your business is not utilizing this great tool, we recommend you take a look at the following tips and reasons why all major companies in the world use it to achieve their goals.

Analyze well

Before taking any steps, you need to understand where you are currently generating business. Apart from pinpointing where the demand for your product or service lies, you need to determine which of your targeted marketing methods are working for you. This objective analysis will help you decide whether to replicate the formula to your success in other locations, but you’ll probably need to revamp your approach or campaign to better target new audiences, industries and locations. You should segregate the rest of the country into territories to help you focus your efforts on new areas. Chances are that each territory will respond to a different campaign message, which is the reason why mapping your existing business and singling out what has proven successful for your business is a task worth doing.


You should encourage people to check in whenever you sponsor conventions, seminars, trade shows and similar events. You can do it by asking them politely or even offering some incentives for those who check-in at your place. What this does, among other things, is increase your visibility and help you gain a better reach. Don’t forget to use one of analytics apps to measure your engagement with visitors to your establishment and, depending on the feedback you get, be prepared to create a strategy for future engagement. You might want to reward those who achieve a certain number of check-ins by giving them discount coupons, thus rewarding their loyalty. This will surely strengthen their love for your brand. Finally, some companies create real badges that they give to their sales and business leads to wear or carry as a sign that they’ve checked in at the company’s place, which is also an idea you could entertain.

Turn to professionals for help

To make the most of your marketing campaign, you really need to find professionals who are experienced in the field of digital marketing and who knows what steps need to be taken. This investment is likely to pay off rather quickly, but only under the condition you turn to real experts, such as those from AdVisible, who have already helped many small, medium and big enterprise increase their ROI.

Casting your net wide

You want to use location-based marketing to increase your audience. To do that, you first need to make sure that your complete contact info is present on online directories for all search engines to make your business more visible. Next, you need to use mobile marketing in conjunction with location-based offers. You can, for example, partner with a relevant third-party establishment that your business leads frequent and promote your product there. Needless to say, you need to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, since most people now rely on those to search for products and services they need.

SEO optimization

You also need to optimize your website and blogs by adding specific locations to meta tags and meta titles, apart from using the right keywords. This will also help your website rank much better, and we all know that people like looking only at top results suggested by Google. Rarely do they go to page 2 of results, let alone any further.

Location-based games

You could also host location-based games at your place, such as sharing the best photo taken at your office or plant. This also helps increase your visibility.

Rub shoulders with the popular

One of the effective tricks to increase your visibility is to connect to popular sports and venues in the city by mentioning them in your blog posts and in the direction on how to get to your office or store. This will not only show everyone that you’re part of the local community, but it will also drive more traffic to your website or social media accounts.

Rely on sales reps to provide leads

Seasoned sales reps and marketers know their territories and industries, which means they are the best source of leads. By using modern technology, it’s easier than ever to use location-based lead generation and get high-quality leads by using filters. Filters can be selected to fit their businesses, target audiences and geographic areas. Also, sales reps can find new leads that are more like best customers, while marketers can create custom lists for their campaigns by all things location-based: territory, region, proximity to events, retail locations, offices, and where their customers go. As a result, executives like you will see more cost-effective lead generation, a more streamlined purchasing process, and time savings.

Mention your evangelists

There are those who share their check-ins at your place and you need to reward them. We’ve already said that you should give those with most check-ins some kind of incentive, but you shouldn’t forget those who share their check-ins. So, make sure you acknowledge your social media evangelists, who share their check-ins with their friends and followers on other social networks.

In conclusion, the challenging task of using location-based marketing for lead generation can be one of the most important elements to your future success. Remember that effective lead generation doesn’t lie in the quantity of leads (alone), but rather in the ability to (self-)source high-quality lead through location-based lead generation.

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