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How can Commercial Property Managers improve EPC Rating of the Property?

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Improving the energy efficiency of a commercial property is important. It not just gives it a benefit over all the other commercial properties but also lowers the running and maintenance cost and saves money. It is the commercial property manager’s responsibility to improve the energy efficiency of the property by making some upgrades and repairs.

The commercial managers need to understand the regulations and standards of EPC London. Here are a few tips that property managers can use to get a high energy efficiency rating.

1.) Checking the Infrastructure:

The managers have the responsibility to make sure that the infrastructure of the building is safe and secure. It should be up-to-date so that the energy rating is good.

The insulation of the building can get old and worn out with time and it can have a negative impact on the energy efficiency of the building. Make sure that the insulation of the property is in perfect condition.  The gaps and the holes in the building should be sealed so that the air does not escape and you have desired temperature inside the building.

2.) Get the Lighting With Better EPC Rating:

epc rating

One of the most effective ways of lowering the energy consumption of the property is to control electricity consumption. The lighting is an important part of the building and they contribute to the energy efficiency of the building. There are options like LED lighting that will keep the building well-lit and keep the energy consumption under control.

3.) Updating the Technology:

Managing a large building is not easy and it is a lot of hard work. The good news is that technology is improving with time and it is making it easier for managers to keep the property in the best condition.

The buildings need technology to become habitable and comfortable. It needs electrical appliances and gas appliances to stay cozy and comfortable for the occupants. Make sure that the electrical system is up-to-date and all the appliances you are using are efficient and safe. The boilers should be in perfect working condition.

You can keep track of the energy consumption with the help of smart meters. There are smarter technologies that will offer utility controls and keep the energy bills affordable.

4.) Clear Tenancy Agreements:

If you want the energy-efficient efforts to work and have a good energy rating then you need to make sure that the tenants are aware of the precautions that you have taken. The tenancy agreements should keep the people informed of any new strategies or upgrades that you have done to the building. It is important to give the tenants access to the annual energy usage and include all the details.

It will give an idea on which part of the building is consuming how much energy and come up with a plan that will lower the energy consumption.

People looking to rental property always prefer the ones that have a high energy rating. It is a better option because it has a low maintenance cost and is affordable.

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