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How Can Digital PR Improve a Brand's Online Presence?

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PR (public relations) is basically how you’re getting other people to talk about your brand. In a nutshell, it’s about gaining positive coverage for your brand in the best way possible - building brand awareness while engaging with your most relevant audiences.

Digital PR, however, goes one step way further and involves social media, engagement, likes, and link building. It’s a strategy that’s used to increase brand awareness online.

It’s somewhat similar to traditional PR but as digital PR has a more focused online strategy, its reach is far broader.

Digital PR vs. Traditional PR

Traditional PR involves print publications and networking with journalists - the old school way. The aim of the publicist here is to get their clients advertised in relevant publications, general press, radio, television, and any other media form that will put the brand in front of the right audience.

However, these days many traditional PR have shifted their focus to digital PR. Digital PR has a much larger readership and viewership than offline media.

But the right digital PR strategy will use elements of both traditional and digital PR to target all audiences.

As the internet is growing every day, the ways of promoting a business are expanding. Digital PR includes a wide variety of online marketing strategies with higher authority domains.

These can include being interviewed by online publications, increasing your online presence and using the interactive power of social media to increase the top of mind awareness of your brand.

Product-focused campaigns

Your company can promote and design campaigns through online platforms. Pushing for your customers to leave online reviews and launching competitions are great ways to attract attention.

The power of these great digital PR strategies is fantastic and they’re guaranteed to enhance brand awareness.

Campaign design is a crucial strategy and you can do it yourself or use a reputable public relations agency in Melbourne. Always have a clear picture of your targeted audience as this will help with designing the campaign.

The Benefits of Digital PR

Boost traffic

As you can use the internet to reach a variety of audiences, more people will be coming into contact with your brand. With the right digital PR strategy, you’ll get more visits to your website.

Generate social engagement

Digital PR allows you to communicate more effectively with your audience. Having better engagement with your target market will increase your brand awareness.

Improve your brand image and increase trust

Digital PR allows your target audience to learn the positive features of your brand. This derives a positive review from them and as a result, creates more value for your company.

Add credibility to your brand through high profile placements

If your company has top-tier engagement and coverage, digital PR is a fantastic way of showcasing it. In turn, this builds trust and adds value to your brand.

Generate leads and sales

Digital PR promotes your company by placing your brand in front of the relevant audience. This shall eventually generate leads and, hopefully, conversions.

Improves search engine optimization

Targeted keywords will help to improve the SEO ranking of your website when your content gets published on high authority sites. Improved SEO will also enhance sales.

A tailored website that reflects your brand

A quality website is a necessity to generate brand awareness and trust. Your website needs to be well designed so that it can display the relevant information your customer will likely be looking for. Include contact information and the details of any physical stores.

Don’t sleep on social media

The above strategies can be performed, executed, developed and extended using your brand’s social media platforms.

Publishing blogs, reviews, and videos on social media is very effective and helps to create your brand’s voice. Instagram is a very popular tool where you can use posts and stories to promote your brand. Facebook Live is another way to build your brand’s awareness.

Effective Return on Investment (ROI), engagement and monitoring your campaign performance is vital for a successful digital PR strategy.

So, if you want your company to improve in the long run then you’ll need a strong and consistent approach to PR. A good mixture of traditional and digital PR is recommended.

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