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How can find best Norton activation service UK

How can find best Norton activation service UK

Norton family premier can help the children and their parents to save the kids from online predators. In this way, children can browse the web safely. There are many parental controls with which parents can control their children from visiting any site, which they should not. In order to activate the product, parents can contact Norton activation UK for the purpose.

Features of Norton family premier

Here are the features of Norton family premier

Web supervision

There are suites present in the premier version that blocks those sites, which the children should not visit. The tools also let the parents kerfering in their freedom.

Time Supervision

The parents can set the time the children can spend on internet. The scheduling can be done on the basis of days or week. Parents can also set the number of hours up to which the children can browse the internet and chat norton antivirus customer support.

Search Supervision

now which  sites their children have visited. In this way, they can control their children without int

Parents can see the terms and phrases, which the children use for making a search. In this way, parents will be able to know the fields in which their children are interested. Parents can also control their children from watching inappropriate content.

Social Network Supervision

Parents can check how many times their children are visiting the social networking site. Parents can also check their profile in order to check what age and other things they have mentioned. The parents can talk and guide their children about using social media so that they cannot get in touch with wrong persons.

Protection of Personal Information

Parents can guide their children to avoid using sensitive information when they are online. This information may include phone number, school name, address, email address, etc. In this way, children and their information will b e secured.

Video Supervision

Parents can check those videos, which the children watch through internet. Parents should talk and guide the children regarding the videos so that they can no watch the inappropriate ones.

Mobile App Supervision

Parents can check the apps, which the children have downloaded in the mobile. There are many apps available online for watching videos, playing games, or visiting social media sites. Parents can guide the children regarding apps.

Text Message Supervision

Parents can set limits on the number of SMS that their children can send and to whom.

Location Supervision

Parents can trace the location of the tools that their children use in the mobile. The Android and iOS devices provide the history of 30 days, which shows the websites visited by the children.

Instant Lock

Parents can lock the device by locking the mobile through a PIN. When the children need the device, parents can enter the pin and give the device to the children. Even if the device is locked, parents can be in touch with their children.

How can parents help their children?

Parents can help their children in many ways to browse web safely. They can have conversation regarding messaging, searching, watching videos and other things in order to browse the web safely.

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