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How Can I Get Channels on My Smart TV without Antenna?


As the rate of cable channel is going up and you are a little bit worried. You also have decided to cut off the cable connection. But watching cable TV is also so important because you don't want to miss the breaking news, sports, and your favorite programs. Surely there are so many ways to watch cable TV without any cable connection.

More importantly, the internet connection is getting popularity and you don't pass a single moment without an internet connection. It is enough to watch cable TV. Even though you have no internet connection you may go some traditional ways that enable you to watch cable TV. This is really an important way on how to get TV reception without cable or antenna.

It is so easy to watch cable TV though you don't have an internet connection. Here we can give an idea which is so simple to watch cable TV without a cable connection.

Without an internet connection

If you don’t have any smart TV, you don’t worry because an antenna can be a way to facilitate for watching a TV program. Though it may be the traditional and old system that we used an antenna has moved in different angels to get signals. At present, signal and frequency of cable TV are in the air and this technique can make you happy because you can also get signal of cable TV so easily.

Make an Antenna if you don’t have one

This is simple and easy to get broadcast signals and channels which are available in your area. There is an antenna which can receive signal. These signals can be available on red or green, red means there is broadcast TV channels, in case there is no antenna, you may go some simple ways which are

  • A digital TV
  • A length of coax cable 
  • An Improvised antenna

Take length of coax cable and set backside of the TV after screwing and antenna input area, keep another side of the coax cable dangling now, then switch on TV and setup menu to scan, the other side of the coax cable to be touched with coax cable pin while scanning is going on. An improvised antenna can be made easily because you just make it with the used wire or you can buy from the market at a cheap rate.

Without any cable and antenna 

There is another easy way to get cable TV where you don’t have to use an antenna. You just need to buy some equipment which can enable your watching cable TV. In the market these are available and you can buy at a cheap rate.

  • DTV converter Box,
  • Coaxial wire,
  • Antenna 

DTV converter can help you get local channels and its price ranges from$40 to $70. It is one of the most convenient ways to get a signal of a cable TV network.


An antenna is also required to make converter box usable. This antenna can be set up on the rooftop. The antenna set up on the rooftop can receive the signal from the far away of the broadcasting station. However there is antenna in port on the DTV converter and plug the coaxial wire to be connected to the antenna into this port, the coaxial cable from DTV converter box to connect TV and converter box. The next step is you have to plug one the end of the coaxial wire in antenna in and other ends of the coaxial wire out to TV port on your converter box.

Now what you have to do is your power on the TV and you will get scanning option. You can and search for channels. After some time you may get some local channels available at your area. However, most of the people are using this system and saving money.

There is some option you may try. This is a TV streaming system in which you can watch a lot of channels like CBS, NBC, Fox, Sports, BTN and more channels that you may find at free of cost.

  • Fubo TV
  • Sling TV
  • Amazon Prime Video
  • Netflix

At last, it can be said that you go this to save your money. Day by day, the cost of Cable TV is going up and you may reduce this cost as your requirement is getting fulfilled by watching TV that you want.

Converter box

There is also another way if you don’t have an antenna or internet connection. In this case, you have to buy a DTV converter box and a coaxial cable. There are some instructions on how to set up and get cable channels so easily. This system is most effective for watching cable channels which are available in your location. There are some best rated converter box and antenna which can work so effectively to get signals of the channels from faraway of the broadcasting station.

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