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How Can I Know the Condition of Car Battery?

How Can I Know the Condition of Car Battery

You get into the car and further proceed to start it. What you see is you find a problem while starting it. You understand that the ignition key is not working correctly. Along with this the headlights are also not working. You begin to think whether or not your car’s battery in good condition or not.

But the question that arises here is how you can know the condition of a car battery. This article will take you through in detail some of the factors to keep in mind. Which will help you understand your battery’s condition in a better way? Also, you can go the jumpstarterexpert.com which is an ultimate guide for jump starter.

  1. Check the Battery with Voltmeter 

One of the ways to check your battery state is through a voltmeter. Start by turning off the ignition. Eliminate the battery’s positive terminal cover and clean the terminals. Now what you have to do is connect your voltmeter’s positive lead to the positive terminal of battery which is usually red. Also, join the negative point to the negative terminal of the cell. 

Now check the voltmeter reading if it is between 12.4 to 12.7, then it's okay; otherwise, your battery is low and needs to be charged. This way, you will be able to know your battery’s condition.

  1. The Headlights Are Faint 

Dim or faint headlights are also a signal which tells you about the status of your car battery. Soft light tells you that your battery is not in good condition. No one likes to have a car with dim headlights. After all, you have to use your car late at night sometimes. Either traveling home from work or a party. There can be many cases when you have to travel at night. But having dim lights can be dangerous for you. It needs to be repaired immediately.

  1. The Engine is not Starting When You Turn on the Ignition Key

When you power on the car, nothing happens at the moment. It is also one sign that you are having a problem with your car’s battery. The engine was not starting when you turned on the ignition key. You might see the sound of the motor starts, but the driver does not work.

All these signals point to just one issue and which is your vehicle battery is in trouble. Which needs to be looked. All you have to do is take it to the auto mechanic who will see at the problem. It might be possible that your car’s battery is dead.

  1.  The Vehicle Won’t Touch off in the Wake of Leaving for A Night

Another significant issue you face with your vehicle battery is that it won’t ignite in the wake of leaving for a night. It is likewise one of the most critical signs that your vehicle’s battery is completely dead. Which needs to be repaired instantly. It is one of the significant ones. But most people won’t find such an issue quickly. As they left a car on for a whole night.

One of the best ways to check is by using battery testers. They tell you the battery condition before-hand. They also enable you to take some preventions to save your battery.

  1.  The Dome Light does not Work

Having a faulty dome light can also be one big issue. Which also tells you about the weak battery’s condition. Having a dome light that does not work well can enable you to face a lot of problems. You might not travel at night. You might meet a lot of issues while parking at night or might unable to see things correctly. When your dome light does not work, you might sit on the small things which you cannot able to see in the car.

If such cases happen with anyone, no one feels good about it. So, it is better to have a regular check on your car’s battery condition to prevent yourself from such bad experiences. And also, to avoid such unpleasant feelings, especially in public places.


This article is all about how you can get to know about the condition of your car battery. This article explains some of the ways which will help you understand better what is the health of your car and how you will be able to overcome it.

Having such unpleasant feelings around people about your car can make you feel embarrassed about you and the car. So, it is necessary to have a look at such circumstances before-hand to save yourself. And if something needs to be repaired. Repair it instantly to protect yourself from mishaps. You can also use battery testers which can also help you in a great way.

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