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How Can Innovative Packaging Solutions Benefit All Industries?

Not very long ago, companies were driven to use the flashiest packaging possible to house their products. One of the main goals of product packaging was to stand out on store shelves and outshine competing products. While that's still the case for some products, several additional concerns and considerations have come into play. Reducing waste, improving sustainability, and enhancing the customer experience have come to the forefront of the packaging industry. Certain innovations in packaging have the power to benefit virtually all industries. 

Innovative Packaging Solutions

At present, businesses across the globe are rethinking their approach to product packaging. They're making efforts to choose more sustainable packaging materials while incorporating various technological advancements into their repertoires. Companies like MDI are helping them to make the changes they're looking for to improve their packaging. 

Responsible Packaging

More than a century ago, the first plastics made their way to the market. They revolutionized not only the way products were made but how they were packaged. These materials appeared to be the perfect way to protect products and keep foods fresh for longer among other benefits. Of course, they greatly contributed to the amount of waste being produced by businesses and consumers. Though many plastics are recyclable at this point, reports show that only a fraction of plastic packages actually get recycled. 

This has led to efforts to create more responsible and sustainable packaging. Companies are using fewer resources in their packaging to generate less waste overall. At the same time, they're using materials that have a smaller impact on the environment. They're also using recycled materials in their packaging. All these measures are reducing waste and conserving resources to name a couple of their advantages. 

Packaging with a Purpose

Additionally, businesses are using packaging that has an integral purpose beyond housing and protecting their products. Some have made the switch to more biodegradable materials, so their packaging won't linger in the landfills and oceans the way their counterparts do. That's only the beginning, though. 

Advancements in the packaging industry have given rise to materials with even deeper purposes. Some can be planted and grown into trees, flowers, and other types of plants. Some can safely and effectively serve as mulch for plants. Certain types of edible packaging materials have been developed as well. They can be eaten right along with the foods they protect on store shelves. All those solutions are making packaging with a purpose increasingly feasible.

Smart Packaging

Obviously, the use of technology is on the rise, and it's only going to become more prominent moving forward. Some advanced packaging is designed to change colors based on the shelf life of the products it encases. Other solutions are equipped with RFID and NFC technology so consumers can scan them to receive further information about the products they purchase. Certain smart packaging even serves as a heating device for the foods it houses. Those are only a few of the latest packaging evolutions.

Paving the Way for the Future

Packaging is essential to businesses. It protects their products while serving as a form of marketing and affecting the customer experience. Still, some types of packaging have caused mounting environmental concerns. Modern innovations in the packaging industry are aimed at solving those issues while sending out a message of responsibility and sustainability regarding the companies that use them. From reducing the amounts of materials used in packaging to using smart packaging solutions, companies are increasingly taking advantage of the latest advancements. 

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