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How Can Laughter Reduce Stress? Full Explanation

Laugh Away Stress

As your busy life now sometimes makes you feel depressed. Even this pressure can make you very stressful. If you are experiencing this, you need to overcome it, guys. Through laughter, you can reduce the stress that you are experiencing. Well, how can laughter reduce the stress that you experience? Come on, see the explanation below.

1. Stress is a mental disorder due to pressure

Stress is a mental disorder caused by pressure. The pressure can be sourced from within and or from outside you. When you experience stress, your body will produce the hormones adrenaline, cortisol and non-adrenaline. The heavier the pressure you experience, the more your body produces the hormone.

 2. Stress trigger factors

Many factors can trigger you to be stressed. You could be under pressure from your thesis, college assignments, future careers, work, financial conditions, your relationship with your girlfriend, parents and so on.

3. Effects that arise for the condition of the body

The stress that you experience when under pressure can have a bad effect on the body. Physically you can experience headaches, muscle aches, insomnia, increased blood pressure, to indigestion. Even stress can trigger cancer.

4. Laughter relieves stress

Laughter is an effective way to reduce stress. The more often you laugh, you will be surrounded by many positive things. That way your mind will become more relaxed. So you can think more clearly to deal with this stress.

5. How to laugh works

When you laugh, the body releases endorphins. then the hormone will provide comfort and positive energy. Endorphins also give a tingle when you laugh and cry.

When you laugh until you cry, the tears that come out contain encephalitis. Ensefalin is one of the body's natural sedatives that can relieve pain. So, laughter can not only reduce your stress but also can relieve illness.

6. Some things that can make you laugh

As long as laughter is free you can feel it everywhere. starting from telling a funny past with friends, girlfriends or parents, watching comedy movies, reading books, travelling or travelling to new places. You can even take a laughter gym class.

One thing you need to remember. When you are experiencing stress, you need to fill your mind with positive things. One of them with this laugh. Hopefully, you laugh often, you can reduce the stress that is being experienced.

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