How Can POS Stands and Mounting Solutions Help Your Retail Business?


POS workstations, kiosks, desks are essential in a retail environment. A poorly designed point of sale workstation can hamper the sales associate's productivity and affect revenue generations. POS stands can be an ideal platform to mount POS devices, monitors, payment processing devices. Here we have discussed how POS mounting solutions and stands can help your retail business.

Increase the Productivity of Your Staff

POS solutions kept on the desk do not provide you with the right access angles. It isn't easy to adjust the angle and height of the POS solution without additional tools. The POS mounts allow you to adjust the height and angle of the KIOSK, POS monitors and allow easy access to staff and your customers.

The POS mounts have a height adjusting feature that allows easy access to salespeople of varied heights and customers. If the person is tall, he can tilt the screen in an upward direction. If the person is short and the POS solution is mounted at height, the screen can be tilted in a downward direction. In simple words, moving the POS solution freely 300° and tilt 180° can make a massive difference in the staff's productivity.
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Prevent Health Issues

Frequent bending of your body and neck can cause health issues. The sales staff is required to work for long hours at POS Kiosks or payment processing points. The POS stand allows you to install the POS solution ergonomically to eliminate bending your body or neck while accessing the POS solution and preventing unwanted health issues.

Enhance Décor

In the retail environment, décor plays a vital role in attracting customers. The retail space should be organized and welcoming. POS solutions have wired connections for power and data. If you install these POS solutions the traditional way, every person visiting can see and touch the hanging wires. It does not look professional and spoil the décor of the retail establishment.

When you install POS stands, the wires are concealed inside the cable management bays. The wires are there, but the customers or the person using the KIOSK cannot see them. It gives a professional look to the POS station or payment processing point.

Improves Safety

Safety is an essential aspect of retail establishments, as they are busy most of the time. If the POS monitors are just kept on the table, there is a risk of monitors tipping over or someone getting hurt due to entangled wires.  There is also the risk of equipment damage. POS mounts secure monitors and other POS solutions. It ensures the POS solutions stay firm in place and reduces the probability of accidents.

Optimize POS Footprint

Every retailer knows the value of space in a retail environment. Many retailers invest in space-saving rack designs to take the maximum benefit of the space available. POS solutions like monitors occupy a large amount of space when kept on desks.  With POS mounts, you can fit the monitor at the corner of the desk or wall without the risk of fall.

Installing a POS monitor on the stand will provide you with space to exhibit more impulse buying items at the payment desk. All of this will increase revenue generation without affecting the efficiency of the POS solution.

Maximize the Flexibility of POS Stations

If the POS stations are installed traditionally, they cannot be used by sales staff and customers simultaneously.  The POS mounts allow you to rotate monitors 300°, or you can pick a stand design where you can install two monitors on one stand facing in the opposite direction.  Thus the POS mounting solutions provide maximum flexibility to the retailer in installing POS stations.

To sum up, the point of sale solutions are an integral part of retail businesses. POS mounting solutions and stands to provide security and stability to these electronic devices while providing easy accessibility to your retail establishment's customers and staff.