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How Can Quality Waste Pumps Be Utilised for Wastewater Treatment?

Today, the world is going through a drastic global climate change, and it has put an impact on the water table below the ground surface. In such a scenario wastewater management has become more crucial than ever before. Water is a lifeline to all the activities concerning life, and in its shortage, there will have severe consequences in the ecosystem. To strike a balance for preserving this natural resource, wastewater treatment has become a concern in the residential, commercial and industrial zones.

The Function of Quality Waste Pumps in A Wastewater Treatment Plant:

Wastewater treatment plants play a pivotal role in industrial and residential sectors where a large volume of wastewater is discharged. Industrial sectors dealing with chemical, manufacturing, food processing, pharmaceutical and several others, requires to carry a wastewater treatment to comply with government’s rules and regulations. Wastewater of sewage also needs treatment which is a prime concern for the residential domain. What remains common in industrial and sewage treatment of the wastewater is the quality waste pumps that manage the entire process. There are multiple waste pumps available in the market based on the application and usage requirements.

Types of Quality Waste Pumps and Its Usage:

  • Centrifugal Pumps: Centrifugal forces are applied to create enough velocity to supplant the water through the system. The centrifugal pumps are equipped with rotating impellers. This accessory almost resembles that of a mechanical fan. This pump has a small intake capacity with large outlet.
  • Submersible Water Pumps: This pump is fully submerged in the liquid it is displacing. This waste pump is efficient for sewage treatments as it used to drain sewage and slurry. After placing the pump under the wastewater or sewage, the functioning is managed with the help of the level sensors. Some of the pumps are perfect for controlling only the liquids and drain water from trash pumps, while others are designed to treat solid sewage as well.
  • Positive Displacement Pumps: To displace all the fluids through the system, this waste pump makes use of its rollers, gears and impellers. This pump is highly durable and can pump out both the liquid and slurries along with the solid particles. Going by the name these pumps have a chamber with diaphragm membrane and discharge valve are attached to it.
  • Water Pressure Booster Pumps: As the name suggest, this pump is there to boost the water pressure. Its working mechanism is similar to that of a fan. Just like a fan uses its blade to increase air movement, this pump uses its impeller inside to amplify the water pressure and flow.
  • High-Pressure Pumps: These quality waste pumps have compact and light designs and employ an axon piston principle to function. It can be either fixed displacement pumps or variable delivery pumps.
  • Progressive Cavity Pumps: By using the pipeline and storage in these pumps, fluids and slurries are transferred from a suction area to the discharge area. This process helps it the transport of the fluids.
  • Agitator Pumps: Wherever slurry solids tend to accumulate agitator pumps are the viable solution. These are specifically designed for industrial, mining, tank clean-up, hazardous waste clean-up, power plants and many other areas. Agitator pumps deliver kinetic energy to the slurry solids which encloses the pump’s intake, re-suspending the particles into fluid form.
  • Circulation Pumps: These pumps are used in treatment plants when it requires circulating the slurries. This then is the final process of the waste treatment.

There are different types of waste pumps available in the market for the treatment of wastewater and sewage, but its use depends upon many aspects. The pumps used in industrial sectors are heavy-duty machinery meant for handling a large volume of water while residential one is much compact in size and function. A quality waste pump should be able to endure all the corrosion and scarping inflicted by the slurry or wastewater.

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