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How can silicones be used as foam stabilizing agents?

A foam becomes unstable (thermodynamic) and wears out via three destabilization ways - coarsening, coalescence, and drainage. By drainage, the foam experiences a decrease in liquid fraction - it becomes drier. For coarsening and coalescence, they increase the size of the bubble.

Silicone is a very effective agent for stabilizing foam. The result, open cell silicone foam and closed cell silicone foam. Products, where the closed cell silicone foam can be found, include resilient cushioning pads, wash-down gasket, and outdoor gasket. You will find open cell silicone foam in light water sealing, dust sealing, and cushioning.

This article shows you why silicone is an active agent for stabilizing foam. In detergents and the making of pulp, silicone foam controllers can be found. Keep reading to understand the usefulness of silicone on foams.

The Art Of Stabilizing Foam

Polyurethane foams can be cool at times. These are foams that form when a polyol liquid mixture reacts to a blowout agent. Foam cells are generated.

To stabilize most foams, a surface-active agent is often required. This agent will be positioned in the cell walls, thereby making them thin.

Most of the organic surfactants contain over 32 mN/m of surface tension - that's the level of polyol tension in the foam mixture. Don't forget, the materials can't stabilize foams with polyurethane.

A better solution is a silicone polyether. It has lower surface tension. Silicone polyethers are perfect surfactants for polyurethane foam and in products where the stabilization of foams are needed. These surfactants stabilize foams by enhancing the formation of multiple small bubbles as well as thinning down the cell walls. This must be an effective foam stabilizing agent!

Why Are Silicone Foam Control Agents The Best Choice By Manufacturers ?

To improve manufacturing in most industries, foam control is very essential. Think of industries such as chemical processing, crop protection, effluent treatment, cleaning products, pulp and paper, textiles and leather, oil and gas, food and beverages, and many others.

For improvement on quality, cleanness, and efficiency of products, anti-foam processing and formulations with silicone are a huge boost for manufacturers. 

That's not all, energy and water consumption are greatly reduced by companies who use foam control agents. This approach also facilitates healthy recycling. It is environmentally friendly, very safe for the pet to use.

Today silicone foam control methods and antifoam agents are widely used in streamline manufacturing industries.

Things You Need to Know About Foam Control

Foam control comes in different versions. Let's focus on the types of silicone foam control agents - there are three. These agents are meant for specific applications. You must know their specific use in the product, if you are using silicone foam agents.

Here are the 3 types of silicone foam control agents commonly used in different industries:

  • Antifoam agents. These are designed to prevent too much foam ;
  • Defoamer agents. They are meant to destroy the foam ;
  • De-aerating agents. These foam control agents regulate the number of bubbles. They prevent too many bubbles.

What of their applications, are they to be applied with the same method? No, these silicone foam controllers and anti-foam products have different application methods. There are two ways of applying these agents, namely: emulsions and compounds.

  • Emulsions : using this method of application, about ten to sixty percent are active content. Water and surfactants are present in emulsion-based silicone antifoam agents ;
  • Compounds : for the compound's application methods have a hundred percent active content. They are used for making aqueous emulsions and in non-aqueous media.

There are other methods currently in the test for various manufacturing processes. Silicone foam control agents and other antifoam agents are easy to use for your desired result. Use the method that suits your production.

How To Know High-Quality Foam Control Agents ?

Whenever you plan to buy silicone foam control agents for your manufacturing process, pay attention to their type and quality. These are a few things you must pay attention to. You must thoroughly check the foam agents or it will affect your final product.

Foam has different impacts on various processes and industries. You need to know what foam control formulation for your product as well as what application to use. You should be expert in checking the quality of the stuff or hire someone who has enough expertise.

In Conclusion

Using good foam reduction or control agents is important for producing high-quality products. Foam controllers made with silicones are some of the best currently in the market. The only thing to consider is the quality of these foam agents. You must buy the best to ensure the quality of your product. Because quality of product is all that matters in order to meet your Clients Needs. And this is how they will give you more business.

Improve the manufacturing processes with them. They enhance the quality of your final production. Visit to know more.

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