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How Can Window Graphics Benefit Your Business

If you have a bland and boring shop front on a street full of bustling crowds and other stores with flamboyant entrances, it is highly likely that your business will go unnoticed by many. Lack of visual appeal makes it a retail wallflower and customers will walk straight past your store. People are drawn to brighter, bolder, and eye-catching signs, and if your business competitors have a more exciting-looking store, then you might lose customers instead of getting new. 


Making a good first impression should be your priority if you are seeking new customers. The retail landscape in Canada is quite competitive and relying on a simple sign to attract passersby to your shop will not be enough. Shoppers are usually in a hurry and with so many overwhelming options,  you need to ensure that your business stands out the most.

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To create a consistent brand identity and increase awareness, you can use window stickers and graphics to present discounts, new deals, and services you offer. It is not only an exciting way to draw more customers but is also a cost-effective option for you. Each business might have its own way of using window graphics - to determine how you should proceed, you should get help from a professional sign company in Edmonton.


Read this article to find out how using window graphics as your marketing strategy can benefit your business.

Inexpensive Advertising

To attract customers and spread awareness about your business, you need to have a strong advertising strategy. The traditional modes such as displaying billboards can be costly, especially, if you are a small business owner competing in a market saturated with similar services. To ensure a good return on investment, you need to use signage that will cost you less and be successful in its purpose. 

Window graphics are an inexpensive way you can attract new prospective customers on the street. It gives you a creative platform and the freedom to display who you are and what your business offers. These are low maintenance, one-time solutions, and the only expense you will have to pay is the printing cost of the graphics. Thus, window graphics and stickers are perfect for small store owners and advertising limited-time offers.


Build Your Brand

For your business’s growth, first, you have to build its brand identity. A plain shop front or window doesn’t say much about your business to a passerby, except for name and service hours. However, a smart window graphic can turn heads and build your brand’s recognition, establishing its uniqueness from other stores in the area.

Covering your window with an eye-catching and colorful graphic will attract the public’s attention to your shop location instantly. Anyone who drives past your business or store will see a visual display of your brand and reinforce your brand’s awareness.

Thus, it will make your business the first thing they recollect when they need services or products that you offer. And in turn, it helps your business cement a long-term position in the marketplace.

Promote Specials

You have limited options when it comes to advertising your business through newspapers or social networking platforms and these are all on the pricier side. When it comes to promoting holiday discounts and limited offers, you need a method that will be cost-effective and customizable according to the need for time. Thus, window graphics are your best option when it comes to promoting specials and discount offers, especially if you are a small business owner.

Your store window graphics are temporary installations and are visible to passersby, making it an excellent way of catching customers’ attention to sales and promotions. Although red colors are usually used for promoting sales, window decals allow you to use bright-colored, bold text to grab the public’s attention. You can also use window graphics to advertise your digital marketing platforms by using relevant hashtags and social media handles to entice customers to engage with you online.



promoting an exclusive deal or a limited-time discount to attract more new customers is easy when your shopfront speaks for your creativity. When visiting a market area, the majority of people briefly skim through different store options before entering one - this is your chance to secure a new buyer. Using your store windows to advertise your products and services is an excellent way to promote your business and ensure its success. Creative, unique, and precise window graphics will leave a positive impression of your brand on the public. 

You can also use double-sided window graphic clings to make your advertisements viewable for both customers inside and passerby outside of your shop. This will give your business double exposure and a marketing advantage over your competitors. To ensure you pick the right material and type of signage for your shop windows, you can get help from your local sign company in Edmonton.

If you want to equip your business or store with window graphics, A Sign Promotion is ready to serve you with customized, high-quality signage that’s in your and your customer’s best interests. For more information, click here to get in touch with us.

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