Monday, October 2, 2023
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How Can You Accelerate Your B2B Sales With D&B Hoovers?

The term sales acceleration is used to denote strategies that aid a business to move prospects through the sales pipeline with increased efficiency. When done effectively, sales acceleration can provide timely insights and data to the sales and marketing teams, leading to an increase in customer conversions' relevance and velocity. As such, in terms of accelerating your B2B sales, a variety of software applications and technologies can be leveraged to find significant sales prospects and opportunity for growth. And, this is where the significance of D&B Hoovers comes into the picture.

What Exactly Is D&B Hoovers?

D&B combines sophisticated analytics with the comprehensive data it derives from the famous Dun & Bradstreet Data Cloud to offer you a sales intelligence solution that works.

In other words, D&B Hoovers is a popular sales acceleration solution that offers a fast and effective path from having a potential client to converting them into a profitable relationship by leveraging data and analytics. It aims to make your sales professionals engage faster with the customers so that your business can have sustained growth.

The Role of D&B Hoovers in Accelerating Your B2B Sales

One of the most pleasing aspects of D&B Hoovers is the fact that it offers an in-depth understanding of your decision-makers and target accounts with their deep-dive into company profiles. This helps in multiple ways, starting from when you are prospecting, handling accounts, or researching companies. With that being said, here's outlining the role of D&B in accelerating your sales.

Identifying Actual Selling Opportunities

The powerful dynamic search and list building capacity of D&B Hoovers helps in filling the pipeline with quality leads to make sure that your list of prospects always remains updated. The search capabilities use business intelligence and customized buyer intent signals to help you in identifying the leads that have the propensity to spend and help you move through the pipeline faster.

Improving Your Sales Prospects

A great thing about D&B Hoovers is that it lets you leverage detailed sales intelligence on your targeted B2B accounts. You get the opportunity to customize your sales pitch better with easy access to company profiles, technology and financial reports, buyer intent analysis, industry analysis, and so on. Thus, you have a better shot at improving your sales prospects right from the beginning.

Better Prospects For Global Business Growth

It helps you get sales and marketing leads to reach your MAP or CRM directly. This enables you to benefit from improved campaign performance that stems from focusing on the most viable opportunities. Integrations with popular Marketing/CRM automation software enables the sales and marketing teams to view company data and contact from within the automation software.

The bottom line

The popularity of D&B stems from the fact that its products and services let businesses accelerate their growth in the B2B channel through data and analytics and helping identify a wide range of customers. The end result is that the prospects move through the sales pipeline faster without any dreaded bottlenecks along the way that can halt the progress.

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