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How Can You Appear Offline On Facebook?

Majority of the people like to give immediate reply of their Facebook messages, but there are also a couple of people who don’t want to do it. This can be done by turning the active status of the chat off.

Do you want to avoid chatting with friends? If yes, then disable Facebook chat.

 Note that users will be shown online if they are using Facebook or Messenger in any of the other gadgets. For it, you need to disable Facebook chat.

The method of disabling Facebook Chat on PC

  1. Firstly, sign into Facebook account of yours.
  2. Then, go to the Facebook Chat menu.
  3. After that, press on Turn Off Active Status. Have a look at the Active Status window that gets displayed on the screen.
  4. Press ‘Turn Off Active Status for All contacts’ if users would prefer disabling Facebook chat option for everyone.
  5. Next, press Turn Off Active Status for All Contacts Except- if you would prefer chatting with some selected friends of yours. Write the names of the people with whom you would like chatting.
  6. Then, press ‘Turn Off Active Status for only some contacts.’ If you would like on only some selected people not to get a chat with you. After that, write the names of the friend to whomever user want to avoid by not chatting with them anymore.
  7. Lastly, press OK.

The method of disabling Facebook Chat for Android users

  1. Firstly, go to the Facebook application on your smartphones.
  2. Then, click the menu option. It will be at the top towards the corner of the display.
  3. After that, move downwards and click on Settings and Privacy.
  4. Next, click on Settings.
  5. Hit Active Status below Privacy.
  6. Push the toggle left side immediately after the Show When You’re Active for disabling it.
  7. Then, click on ‘Turn Off ‘on the ‘Turn Off Active Status notification window.’
  8. Lastly, do the exit.
  9. Note: You need to do the steps mentioned above for enabling Facebook Chat on, but instead of turning in off you need to choose to turn it on.

The method of disabling Facebook Chat in smartphone browsers

  1. Firstly, ensure signing into Facebook on gadget’s phone browser.
  2. For instance, Chrome and Safari.
  3. Click the hamburger button. It will be at the top and at the corner of the display.
  4. Click on Settings.
  5. Then, press on Active Status below Privacy option.
  6. Lastly, press Turn Off Active Status link.

Davis Johnson is a self-professed security expert; she has been making the people aware of the security threats. Her passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. She writes for Norton security products at



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