How can you claim your hair back?


Facing hair loss? Or a receding hairline? Or maybe patchy hair fall? If you think you will continue to lose hair further, you are mistaken. Don’t get pessimistic about it just yet. For what we are about to tell you will bring back your confidence in sporting a crown full of hair. yes, you heard that right. Re growing hair might not be as easy as losing it, but it certainly can be made easier if you get your hands on the correct products to use.

Laser Therapy

While you may have heard of a number of home remedies and hair oils to do the job. A groundbreaking product is already in the market that you might have not heard about just yet. Or if you have already, we are friends for sure! A laser cap is certainly THE best way currently (and in future too, given its phenomenal results) Laser therapy is undoubtedly the leader among them all products available to curb hair loss. While there are a number of laser caps (yes you heard that right) There are portable lightweight caps available for you to use to get your hair back while doing your everyday chores. The reviews for such caps suggest rank Illumiflow vs Capillus to be in the list of top rated laser caps for growing hair. not only are they super lightweight and a breeze to carry. But also by emitting laser diodes to your scalp also wakes up the sleeping or inactive hair follicles. And gives you stress free hair back, just in time. And yes, it is a MUCH better option than a hair transplant.

Other ways to help with hair fall

While a laser cap is considered the best option in this era. A number of home remedies and other ways are also available for those who have maybe just started to witness hair loss or for people who have minor issues with it. Massaging your scalp daily can help to repair hair and also increase hair growth. It can also be used along with hair oils and masks that surely reinvigorate your hair. Talking about hair oils and masks, Aloe vera is considered to be the best hair mask for hair while coconut oil is every grandma’s go to oil when it comes to hair.


And not only applying oils does the job, also consuming omega rich fatty acids make your hair strong on the inside, as they are loaded with nutrients and proteins. Onion juice application on hair is also a bomb regimen when practiced consistently and regularly, it does wonders to your hair by curbing hair loss and growing more hair rapidly.

Hair supplements

You could also take hair growth supplements in order to help you with hair but that need to be taken consistently along with a focus on taking a healthy diet and also exercise. Whichever way you choose to go for hair therapy, just be sure to be consistent on that and never leave the treatment midway as every treatment requires time. For more hair growth solutions visit