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How Can You Make Your Hair Look Fuller And Thicker

A perfect hair care routine radically contributes to a perfect hair look everyday & what you need is just a little effort daily to make your hair healthier & shinier like never before. So far, a lot on hair care has been posted in order to mention some easiest ways to eradicate hair issues such as dandruff, hair fall, split ends & frizz at the comfort of your home using some potent but natural hair care recipes from Deyga. This blog is again going to be about ‘hair & style’ but this time with a twist of how to create illusion of having voluminous, fuller & thicker hair keeping in mind the signature statement of what Deyga believes in, “all of it coming naturally” without any usage of harsh chemicals. Keep reading till end & you’ll discover some of the naturally amazing tips on what you can do to make your hair strands appear drop dead gorgeous wrapped in volume & that sparkling diamond shine.

Below are some worth ‘swear by’ tips you need to know & follow whenever it comes to styling your hair for a perfect hair style in order to slay the game you are heading for;

• Get your hair cut done at daily intervals. Hair appear thicker at shaft, this is the reason they look bouncy & voluminous just after you have a haircut. People who generally face hair thinning can go for hair styles in layers as uneven hair seems fuller.

Fact: Short hairstyles make hair look more bouncy than long hairstyles.

• Cheat on heating tools by making a hair bun every night. If you’re the one who likes to dodge on heating your hair much often so here’s a simple & effective technique to add waviness to your hair. A straight hair-do isn’t a cup of tea for people who have no natural volume in their hair. However, a subtle wave in the hair can make any hairstyle look adorable on them. Making a bun at night before your hit the hay can give you natural waves in your hair with time. So make a bun & unfurl your beautiful waves the next day to ace your look completely!

• Keep in mind this simple trick of ‘back-brushing’ while doing your hair. This is a popular hair-styling trick every hair stylist swears by. After you’re done brushing or combing your hair, use your comb (a styling comb with least distant gaps) or a brush in a downward direction toward the roots, thrice, in quick strokes. Doing this, your hair gain volume appearing puffy.

• Don’t forget to color your hair. Relax! Hair coloring can be an experience full of goodness too. It’s a fact that your hair appears fuller when they are colored or highlighted. Natural hair dyes such as henna, beetroot juice (for a red shade), lemon juice (for a sun-kissed hair look), coffee (for a dark brown shade) etc. can do wonders. Artificial & synthetic hair dyes are prepared with tons of harsh chemicals but the above are the ingredients which not only provide a natural hue to your hair but also add nutrition to them.

Tip: If you use a crimper, curler or straightener on your hair, never ever forget to use a heat protectant. A good serum will protect your hair from severe damages that excessive heat may cause.

Apart from these short tricks, you need to take care of massaging your scalp regularly, eating protein rich food, shampooing your hair on based of your hair type & selecting hair styles that match your face shape. These factors contribute a lot to your over all hair health.

We can create illusions but the joy that comes out when the reality is equally beautiful, we succeed in loving ourselves better.

The ‘must-haves’ hair & skincare products are available only on the official website of Deyga Organics that can help you fetch the skin & hair you dream of having in reality. Keep shining!

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